What forms of payment are accepted:

All major credit cards are taken over the phone

Checks - by mail
Money Orders - by mail
Vanilla gift cards


Now you have the option to pay by check
Please note a one week period for check to clear
is required before your session can be used.

How will my phone session show up on my credit card statement?

Your statement will show:    Modatell LLC  1-866-804-7822

What is the cost to use the service?
Phone sessions are billed in blocks up time at $2.00 per minute. 
The minimum call time is 10 minutes for $20.00
Call blocks of time are as follows:
10 minutes $20
15 minutes $30
20 minutes $40
25 minutes $50
30 minutes $60
35 minutes $70
40 minutes $80
45 minutes $90
60 minutes $120

My information is it safe?

We do not give out your information to any third party.
Your credit card is run on a secure server.
We have no mailings.

What information is needed to process my credit card?

You will need to provide your name and address, this is so the credit card can be processed
 and all the necessary
data to process the credit card itself.

What may I talk about during my phone session:

All conversations are private and confidential.

What if the phone session is unsatisfactory?

You should contact customer service at:  1- 866-804-7822
Email also:

Please allow 24 hours, in case you do not get an immediate response

Do you offer a customer service guarantee?

We aim to please, and let us know if you are not happy.
Call us or email us at customer service
We will do everything we can to make your
session right for you.

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