Sissy panty fun


Ms. Eva
Call Now ! "ON LINE"

Toll Free Phone Number: 

$20.00 minimum 10 min call
$2.00 per min/major credit cards
accepted over the phone
Must be 18+

Welcome to sissy playtime!

You and I are going to have a lot fun .....

Hey! I caught you! There you go again, sneaking into my room and trying on my little panties. You are a very naughty panty sissy aren't you? I know just what to do with a naughty little sissy like you! I will make you get dressed up completely! Sexy little sissy panties and thigh high. A super sexy little cami as well. It's not fun for me if you are not in full sissy mode but I know you will be!

I know little sissy girls like you are just begging to be caught so you can be teased and played with by girls like me and that is what I am going to do. Prance around for me and shake that sissy, princess butt for me! I will make you my fun, little sissy and pull out all kinds of fun toys for us to play with. Who know where that will go? After we are done you will be thinking of nothing else but calling Ms Eva again for all sorts of sissy, panty fun


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