Sissy foot worship phone sex


Ms. Pattie
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$20.00 minimum 10 min call
$2.00 per min/major credit cards
accepted over the phone
Must be 18+

Welcome to sissy playtime!

You and I are going to have a lot fun .....

For most of the men who call me, being a sissy or wearing panties is their fetish. But, I just love to explore all kinds of sissy fetish phone sex. With a sissy call you are unbounded, you can take the caller in any place that you want to go with just your imagination. Fetishes are so much fun to explore. It makes you really get down to the nitty-gritty of what is behind someone's kinks, don't you think? One particular fetish of mine that I have is body worship. I just adore it. I mean who wouldn't, right? Having my delicious, stacked, body worshiped, licked, and caressed by an adoring slave is where it's at.

Who wouldn't want to lick any part of me, including my feet? Yes, that is a huge part of the kinds of fetish phone sex calls that I get sometimes, foot worship. There is no doubt that it is one of the most talked about body part with fetish boys, aside from my tight ass. If you are a good boy I will let you start at my feet and finish with my ass. You have to work your way up to the top and earn it. You don't get to just start directly at the top slave. Show me that you can really worship and adore me, then maybe you will arrive at heaven.


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