Sissy Panty Boy Humiliation Phone Sex


Ms. Vanessa

Call Now ! "ON LINE"

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Stats: 30 years old, 38D-26-33

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$20.00 minimum 10 min call
$2.00 per min/major credit cards
accepted over the phone
Must be 18+

Welcome to sissy playtime!

You and I are going to have a lot fun .....

Some people may not think of sissy calls as being kinky but I sure do think they are. I love the really descriptive types of sissy phone calls that have a lot of depth to them. They can in fact be very kinky. I think there is something very naughty about catching a sissy boy dressed in my clothes and then scolding him into humiliated submission. Yes, there is something very kinky about catching a sissy boy in a pair of silky panties and a hard-on. You can't knock me for being thoroughly entertained by these calls, they are so much fun.

My sissies they just squeal with delight when they have a kinky sissy phone sex call with me. I love to let them just run with their little sissy girl fantasies and feed right into them. Sissies for me are some of my favorite callers ever. They are so animated and so wrapped up in their girly-ness that it is just always guaranteed to be a fun time. But hey, that's what us girls do when we get together, right girls? Of course! See, you all know that I am speaking right to you. That I know you to the core of who you are. Boy, you couldn't be more right.

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