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Princess Elizabeth

Toll Free Phone Number: 

$20.00 minimum 10 min call
$2.00 per min/major credit cards
accepted over the phone
Must be 18+



Do you fantasize about being the victim of a Super Hot
controlling Princess?

I can make that a reality for you!

Can you imagine a young Super Sexy Princess
using her gifts of flawless beauty and wicked attitude
to make you horny, to make you weak,
 and to make you submit?

Wouldn’t it be deliciously twisted if I used
your weak lust for Me, to make you give in to My demand
of locking up your useless little stupid-stick into a
CHASTITY device?

I love having such
over you! Pathetic little you.

You just cannot say “no” to this Princess,
 can you?

Guess what?

Now that I
have you all locked up you have a sweet and sexy
little reminder that I OWN you!

Are you going to be
faithful to Me?

 Of course you are, loser!
Poor baby!

I would just love to hear you whimper and beg for Me,
and I am sure you would just Love to hear Me giggle at
you and say “No! Loser, No! No! No!” You are just a
plaything to Me!

I know it is so cruel that a whole
lot of suffering on your part equals a tiny bit of
pleasure on My part, but I think it is a fair trade.
Don’t you think so, slave? CALL ME, and give in. I
will make it so easy for you to submit totally to Me!

Call this Princess for your training!