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Princess Elizabeth

Toll Free Phone Number: 

$20.00 minimum 10 min call
$2.00 per min/major credit cards
accepted over the phone
Must be 18+

Princess Elizabeth's Loser Club

MY Number 1 Loser Jeffie' !

Hello, This is Princess Elizabeth

 If you would like to be a loser in my club, get in line.
 I have lots of loser's. Jeffie is my number one loser!
I have mind fucked him royally, and plan on doing it more!
If you are a good loser, I will mind fuck you too,



Here is what my loser wrote about me...


Dear Perfect Princess Elizabeth:
I am a stupid loser! I thought I could pretend to be
like a real man and try to have a girlfriend who I
would actually get to have sex with….What a Fool I
have been!
Princess Elizabeth’s brainwashing has really helped
keep me where I really belong. On the other end of the
phone as Princess’s stupid horny blue-balled loser!
When she says things to me like “I need to use you” my
useless little dick gets super rock-hard for Her! My
brain shuts down,…my heart starts pounding super
hard…Isn’t that funny? Pathetic, I know, and luckily I
have Princess Elizabeth to remind me of just how super
pathetic I am.  When she tells me that she is going to
make me weaker and weaker for her it has the immediate
effect of making me weaker and weaker for her! I have
missed her Humiliation of me. I realize that teasing
and denial from the Perfect Princess is much better
than having sex with just an ordinary girl. I do not
deserve to cum like real men do, Princess Elizabeth
has told me that Many times! She is so good to tell me
my place, and she is so good at telling me where I
belong and who Owns me. My useless little dick cannot
please anyone but the Princess by staying hard and
horny for her, so I can be stupider and stupider and
weaker and weaker for her!
I love you Princess!
-Jeffie the loser