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Princess Elizabeth

Toll Free Phone Number: 

$20.00 minimum 10 min call
$2.00 per min/major credit cards
accepted over the phone
Must be 18+

Email -


Tiny Cock Losers!

You have a tiny tiny useless dick!
No girl wants that!

 Especially not a Young Dominant Super Hot Princess!

What would I do with that?
I would either get really mad or start laughing
really hard if you whipped that out in front of Me!

You cannot please anyone with that!
The only way a Pretty Princess like Me
would have fun with a wimp like you is if you let me Sissify you.

 Wouldn't that be fun?
No more pressure to try to be a man.
You are somewhere between beta-male and zero-dweeb,
which makes you far inferior to an Alpha Princess.

I can do what ever I want with you.
 I can decide that you don't get to have an orgasm
and I can decide that you need to wear Pink Panties.

 Do you want me to make you put on lipstick?
 It's o.k. you needn't  be scared.
 It's not as if the females of the world are going to miss you.

 Don't you want to be pretty like your Perfect Princess?
Of course you do! I can mould you into the perfect little girly girl.

Call this Princess for your training!