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Princess Elizabeth

Toll Free Phone Number: 
$20.00 minimum 10 min call
$2.00 per min/major credit cards
accepted over the phone
Must be 18+

Today is your lucky day losers!
I have created a DICK-tionary just for you.

When you are unsure of what the Princess (ME)
is saying to you, you can look up the definition here.
If you need online brainwashing and I am not available,
you can read my DICK-tionary and memorize my definitions.

You will be quizzed!

ACCIDENT - It is your Fate that you are reading these words, it is your fate as a loser to get used and fucked over by me, the perfect Princess. An accident is when your icky cum dribbles out of your stupid stick while you are giving me your worship strokes. You did NOT have my permission to cum. When this happens you pay the cum tax. I like you horny and weak for me.


ADDICTION - Needing and wanting something even when it is Bad for you.


ASSHOLE - A stupid submissive male who can do nothing right except beg, and what ever I tell him.


ASS KISSING - Your job.


ASSWIPE - I use your face for this.


BLUEBALL -  Kinda like a game, where I always win and you always lose even though you try real HARD.


BLUE BALLS  - Princess’s favorite color.


BRAINS - In your little dick!


BRAINWASHING - Reprogramming and mindfucking for weak-willed wimps! You need to memorize my brainwashing slogans.


BUTTHOLE - One of the only places a loser gets to lick, but only if they really pay for it.


CHASTITY - Means you don’t get to cum. Ever!


CBT - Cock and ball torture. You love it when I pay any attention to your stupid parts even when it leaves you crying and writhing on the floor.


COCK CONTROL - Your dick makes you easy to enslave.


COCK SNOT - See Dick drool.


CONTROL - Give up, give in, give to me! I own and control you.


CUCKOLDING - You are unworthy, so I get Real Men to please me sexually, but you can add to my pleasure by suffering for me and paying in other ways. 


CUMMING - Cumming is Bad! No cumming for you! Gross.


CUM TAX - When you cum without permission you have to Pay!


DENIAL - The best option for horny losers. 


DICK DROOL - See Cock snot.


DICKHEAD - Losers like you who think with their dick. 


DICKLETTE - Tiny tool good only for teasing, manipulation and mockery.


DORK - A wimp who walks around with blue balls, and likes it because I said so.


DUMB FUCK - A guy who Princess uses. A loser who gets to perform un-relieved stroking as a means of worshipping and serving Me.


DUMB STICK - Since you are not allowed to cum, stroking keeps you weak and makes you more stupid for me.


EDGING - You are so close to cumming  but I keep saying No! 

ERECTION - The flow of blood from the “thinking” brain down into the primary male brain, i.e. your Dumb stick.

FAST AND HARD - Sometimes I use you this way. I get into your head fast and I leave you hard.


FEET - As in Princess feet, I might make you kiss them.


FUCK-OVER - The best way a loser can turn me on, is to give me lot’s of money.


FUCKTARD - A loser that is inferior.


FUCKWAD - Similar to fucktard.


GOOD BOY - Losers that obey.


GREED - A vice for most people, is considered a necessary attribute for a Hot Princess.


HELPLESSNESS - The delicious feeling of being owned and controlled.


HOMEWRECKER - Ready to feel the rush of your little dick getting you in big trouble?


HUMILIATION - Another name for the drug I give you to make you addicted. Get excited while I put you down.


ICKY - Cumming is gross, no cumming for you!


“I LOVE PRINCESS ELIZABETH” - Your new mantra.


IMBECILE - Moron, idiot, dumbass, you.


JACKOFF - Jerkoff losers who stroke it for Princess, you are not allowed to cum but it feels so good!


KICK IN THE BALLS - A simple and direct way for Princess to get  your attention.


LOSER - You. Does reading this Dick-tionary get you all worked up? Good-boy.


LOSER CLUB - Join it, loser.


MAGGOT - A worthless little dick shaped worm!


MANIPULATION - How I get what I want.


MIND-FUCK - Since no one wants to fuck a loser, except maybe another loser, the best that you can hope for is for me to Fuck you over. Soon you will be addicted.

MORON - As I make you weaker and weaker, you get more and more stupid.


NEEDLE DICK - Worthless pathetic little tool.


NO CUMMING FOR YOU - A motto for losers to live by.


ORGASM-CONTROL - See denial. You are hard for me, you stroke it for me, so I deserve all the control and all the power, and I say “NO!”


OWNERSHIP - I own and control you.


PANTY BOY - SIssy losers get forced into panties for their own good.


PATHETIC - This word describes you perfectly, horny loser.


PENCIL DICK - There are lots of words to describe a useless little wee wee.


PENIS HEAD - See dick head.


PERFECTION - Me, Princess Elizabeth.


PIGGY - Losers who give me whatever I want.


PIN DICK - Means you are not worthy, so you get used.


PREDATOR - This is all simply survival of the fittest, loser, accept your place below me in the food chain.


QUEER-PANTS - Even if you are not a sissy or a closet fag, your tiny dick means that to an alpha Princess like me, you might as well be.


PRINCESS - Superior owner of slaves and subjects, and the object of your worship.

PRINCESSING - Face-sitting, smothering you, queening is for old women, not a hot young Princess.


PUSSY WHIPPED - Even though you will never ever get a taste of this, I will still pussy whip you. You will find yourself wanting to please me.


REPROGRAMMING - With brainwashing and mindfucking, I will mold you into the perfect little loser for me. You will suffer for my pleasure.


RUINATION - I will ruin you. Take everything you have, and leave you with crushed blue balls and an incurable addiction.


SHAME - The feeling you get when you have an accident.

SISSIFICATION - Making you more of a loser, since you are not a real man.


SISSY PLAYTIME - It feels so good to let Princess take advantage of your submissive ways.


SLAVE - You. Will. OBEY.




SLAVE CLIT - You are so easy to manipulate when your little dicklette is hard.


SLAVE-CONTRACT - So much fun! For me.


SLOW BURN - Save up your pennies loser, this is good for you.


$PENT - Feeling used. It’s a good thing for you to feel loser.


STROKER BOY - I like to remind you that you don’t have a chance with me while you pull on your loser dick.


STUPID STICK - Just like a Dumb stick, stupid.


SUCKER - You want to be mine.


SUCK YOU DRY - , sounds good doesn’t it? 

TEASE AND DENIAL - My favorite game for horny losers.


THUMBKIN - Teenie tiny weenie. lol


TINY COCK - See dicklette. Even if you don’t have a tiny cock, I will make sure you fully feel the extent of your inadequacy.


TRIBUTE - Prove your devotion and obedience loser. Pay up.


UNWORTHY - What you are, loser!


USING YOU - My favorite hobby.

VICTIM - You, once I get inside your head and wrap you around my little finger.

WaNKER - A jerk off, a loser, a stroker boy.


WEAKER AND WEAKER - I will make you weaker and weaker...


WEAK WILLED WIMP - Submissive losers get even weaker once I start to mind fuck them.

WORSHIP STROKES - When I permit you to tug on that little clitty for me.


XXX FANTASIES - You can dream that you have a decent cock, and that you could have a chance with me. Ha ha ha ha ha. Keep dreaming loser.

YOU - Loser. Wimp. Piggy. Slave. Jerk off. Plaything. Puppy. Pet. Toy. Wallet.


ZERO - What you are. What I will leave you with.  :)


ZONE - Also known as the loser zone. I will put you in a submissive trance and I will take advantage of you. You will love it.


Copyright  © "All Rights Reserved" Princess Elizabeth for - ever