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Princess Elizabeth

Toll Free Phone Number: 

$20.00 minimum 10 min call
$2.00 per min/major credit cards
accepted over the phone
Must be 18+



Donít deny it loser, I make you excited.

You look at my smiling Princess face 

and you know you would do anything 

to keep me 

smiling down at you.


Donít deny it loser, 

give in!


Donít deny my wishes, 

because that would displease me, 

and you donít want to do that, 

do you loser?


Donít live in denial anymore. I am here to help you. To set you straight. 

I am here to tell you how it really is

(you have to pay me to explain this to you

in simple ways

for a dumb-dumb to understand. 

As I brainwash you 

to encourage your already weak submissive nature.

And the truth is,


you are a loser!


Thatís right! 







Itís ok, I understand that you forget this all the time,

pretending to be a real man, (giggle)

that is why 

you need to call me 


to prove to my satisfaction,

and for your full understanding

that you are a loser!


You see? 

I will stop you from living in denial,

and I will put you 


You see, I am the Princess of Denial.

I will put you in strict 



That means No Cumming For You!


Trust me you will learn to love it!

Your cock will throb in perpetual DENIAL.

You will be soooo horny 

and soooo SUBMISSIVE 

to My every wish!


 it is going to be so much Fun!


Call me loser for some addictive TEASE and DENIAL Phone-Sex!


 Princess Elizabeth