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Princess Elizabeth

Toll Free Phone Number: 

$20.00 minimum 10 min call
$2.00 per min/major credit cards
accepted over the phone
Must be 18+

I made my loser make a headband that he can wear when he calls me!

And if you want to get on my good side, you will make one too!

Step 1. 

All you have to do is get some masking tape, and then take a marker and write the words: “I Want Princess Elizabeth To Fuck Me Over”

Think you can handle that loser?

Ok, now 

Step 2. 

Stick it to your stupid loser face!  Across your forehead works for me! Good loser!

Step 3. 

Call me! Yes, call me so I can laugh at you, humiliate you, and get you all addicted to me!

See there it is in 3 simple steps! Even a weak dick stroking loser like you can follow those instructions, right?

But for those of you who want *Extra Credit*

Just send me a picture of you with your loser headband on!

Be a good little wimp and put your full name in there too!

Then all you have to do is beg me to brainwash you.

Good boy! 

Then I can fuck you over real good!


Do it loser! Make your headband and CALL ME!

Princess Elizabeth


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