Blue balls for you!

Princess Elizabeth

Hey wimps and losers, and loser-wimps, ha ha ha! I have a great new idea for how You can amuse me!

And this one won’t even cost you any money! Well that’s not exactly true. It’s actually going to COST you Everything! Here’s what I want you to do. Get a […]

I Own Loser Jeffie!

Blueballs for you!

The Princess owns your loser ass Jeffie!! You are not to cum, I will make your blue balls bluer! There is no cumming for you. I own your useless balls, no cumming, I have all your power, if you want to cum, then pay the cum tax, otherwise, I OWN YOUR […]


Loser’s out there.. I have lots of great feedback, read it and wish that YOU had left it!

01/22/2010 jeffietheloser

She Fucks me Over SO GOOD! Princess Elizabeth is the absolute Best!!!

12/23/2009 jeffietheloser

Princess played a game with me. It was the $100 Dollar –Blue balls Game. It was so much […]

Brainwashed new loser already with the number 25!

I decided I was going to make my new loser’s ball’s very blue. I would do this as I Brainwash him, and I came up with a genius Princess Plan! ~giggles~ He told me that he was getting hard on’s and his ball’s were Already BLUE thinking of me! You all know that I love […]

Princess and Panties

i finally was able to call Princess Elizabeth yesterday, after a weekend hiatus. She was music to my ears, delectably brainwashing and mindfucking me – her voice and commands sweeping into my head and controlling me more and more. She gave me more fun and exciting assignments and instructed me to post my progress here.