Blue balls for you!

Princess Elizabeth

Hey wimps and losers, and loser-wimps, ha ha ha! I have a great new idea for how You can amuse me!

And this one won’t even cost you any money! Well that’s not exactly true. It’s actually going to COST you Everything! Here’s what I want you to do. Get a […]

Princess Elizabeth owns Loser Jeffie! call Princess Elizabeth for loser phone sex!

Princess Elizabeth

Loser Jeffie is so funny, he thinks that he can please a girl now, when in fact he needs me… look at what he wrote.Loser you are nothing without me! Princess Elizabeth

“Your ownership of me, and your teasing and DENIAL of me, and your using of me has been So DELICIOUS!!! […]


Loser Jeffie .. leaves me lots of great feedback, because I AM SUPERIOR.. here are a few,lucky you gets to read this…

“Brain-washing is real, brain-washing really works! I know because Princess has programmed me so that I get turned on when she is selfish and greedy! She is ruining me and I PAY her […]

Fucking stupid ATM pig

Fucking moron called ME the superior Princess recently, I have been too busy with Real Men, that I did not even post for the pathetic slob.Here are some notes I took from my session with this fucking pig:Stupid loser sucker pig wim be in chastity for me, it’s his job. Can’t stop thinking about me, […]

Brainwashing Stupid sucker pig

Stupid sucker piggie called me, and gave me a tribute that he Owed me. He is such a loser. His dumbstick is getting dumber so at least that is good. I am making him stupider, his dumb stick will be dumber, and then thank me for it. His is betting for addictive brainwashing. Princess is […]

Stupid Sucker Pig called for humiliation phone sex

Stupid sucker pig called me yesterday. He spent a lot of time, while I brainwashed him, and was teaching him Princess Elizabeth’s rules..I told him that I have a Princess “Dick-tionary” and he better get on track. For one thing, his balls are to remain blue. My favorite color. There will be a dicktionary page […]

Loser’s wanna be fucked over by Princess Elizabeth? For loser phone sex…

Ha Ha Ha I made my loser make a headband that he can wear when he calls me!And if you want to get on my good side, you will make one too! Step 1. All you have to do is get some masking tape, and then take a marker and write the words: “I Want […]

Read this and weep loser’s!

As you pay Me to brainwash you to want Me to Fuck you over, I will do such a great job that you will know you are getting your money’s worth! It’s the Princess Paradox! Pay me to Use you, loser! You Pay me to Mind-Fuck you and Fuck you over! It’s expensive but you […]

Princess Elizabeth’s Reality Therapy!

Hi all my stroke-monkeys, brain-washed zombies, pathetic losers and humiliation addicts! Your perfect Princess is starting a new program for all you weak submissives. It is called Princess Elizabeth’s Reality Therapy!

Here is how it works, you losers get out your wallets and then you Call Me!~ Then I tell you the truth about you […]

Goddess Reno owns slave paul

Had fun this weekend, I mind fucked, Slave Paul, and made him weak, he knows his place is to serve a beautiful younger girl like myself. I took him shopping and fucked him over, I plan on doing it again. Slave Paul has a little dick, and knows he could never have a Goddess like […]