New Little Dick loser tonight!

Princess Elizabeth

Princess Elizabeth had a little dick loser tonight, I will refer to him as *F* – he asked for humiliation, when I asked him if he had a little dick, guess what he said? YES

Is that a no brainer? I made him go get a ruler, and measure, it was 5 […]

Blue balls for you!

Princess Elizabeth

Hey wimps and losers, and loser-wimps, ha ha ha! I have a great new idea for how You can amuse me!

And this one won’t even cost you any money! Well that’s not exactly true. It’s actually going to COST you Everything! Here’s what I want you to do. Get a […]

Princess Elizabeth owns Loser Jeffie! call Princess Elizabeth for loser phone sex!

Princess Elizabeth

Loser Jeffie is so funny, he thinks that he can please a girl now, when in fact he needs me… look at what he wrote.Loser you are nothing without me! Princess Elizabeth

“Your ownership of me, and your teasing and DENIAL of me, and your using of me has been So DELICIOUS!!! […]

Fucked loser jeffie over with his little dick

Last night I fucked over my little dick loser jeffie. He is a bigger loser because he does not even have a little dick, but now, since I brainwashed him, he thinks he does! He is just a stupid little dick loser, that I have brainwashed and mindfucked.

For example, I tell him he can’t […]

Loser’s wanna be fucked over by Princess Elizabeth? For loser phone sex…

Ha Ha Ha I made my loser make a headband that he can wear when he calls me!And if you want to get on my good side, you will make one too! Step 1. All you have to do is get some masking tape, and then take a marker and write the words: “I Want […]

Springtime for little dick loser’s


It’s SPRINGTIME Losers! Spring is the theme for this little blog-tease, think your little loser brain can follow along? It’s ok if you want to stroke your dumbstick while you read this and look at my pictures. Just remember You Are NOT Allowed To Cum Without My PERMISSION! Let’s simplify things even more, ok […]

Princess Elizabeth’s Reality Therapy!

Hi all my stroke-monkeys, brain-washed zombies, pathetic losers and humiliation addicts! Your perfect Princess is starting a new program for all you weak submissives. It is called Princess Elizabeth’s Reality Therapy!

Here is how it works, you losers get out your wallets and then you Call Me!~ Then I tell you the truth about you […]

HOT GUY T called me today!

I had the hottest call today. I had a guy with a big cock, on webcam, he talked about having sex with me in front of my hubby. Told me some hot stories about being in a strip club and making it with some chick. I got so wet at the thought. He kept talking […]