hahaha loser poem!

Loser jeffie wrote Perfect ME the Princess a poem!

You take and I acheYou use and I loseYou tease and I pleaseYou steal and I kneelI just stroke and go brokeand You laugh at me because I’m your little joke!

loser jeffie is my pathetic loser! hahah don’t you love this poem, it is rich!

Pathetic loser headband! Wear it for Princess Elizabeth

Hahaha loser sent me a picture of his headband. Isn’t it

hilarious? I love that I came up with the idea, he wore it while I made him worship my pictures!

Come on loser’s you can do it too!

Make me laugh at how pathetic you are!

Fucking over Jeffie MY loser!

I have been doing a lot of serious fucking over, of MY loser Jeffie. He is a real pathetic loser wimp that needs this Princess’s control! I use him for my amusement, he has to suffer for me!He has a dumb stick, but I don’t let him CUM. Cumming is bad for him. Recently I […]

Princess Elizabeth’s Reality Therapy!

Hi all my stroke-monkeys, brain-washed zombies, pathetic losers and humiliation addicts! Your perfect Princess is starting a new program for all you weak submissives. It is called Princess Elizabeth’s Reality Therapy!

Here is how it works, you losers get out your wallets and then you Call Me!~ Then I tell you the truth about you […]