Worship Post for Princess Elizabeth

i had the pleasure of yet another call with Princess Elizabeth. it just keeps getting better. She makes me weaker, and i find Her ever more Beautiful and Sexy with each call. i Love how she humiliates me, makes me feel small but special all at the same time, special because i am allowed to […]

Princess and Panties

i finally was able to call Princess Elizabeth yesterday, after a weekend hiatus. She was music to my ears, delectably brainwashing and mindfucking me – her voice and commands sweeping into my head and controlling me more and more. She gave me more fun and exciting assignments and instructed me to post my progress here.


I own and control Sissy Ann in NY!

I own and control Sissy in NY named Ann. I own and control her in “those” special panties. I will weaken her and use her, she is getting another job to support her sessions with Me.

I have named her Ann, for special reasons, I like her to be a good boy! For me. I […]