Loser Jeffie .. leaves me lots of great feedback, because I AM SUPERIOR.. here are a few,lucky you gets to read this…

“Brain-washing is real, brain-washing really works! I know because Princess has programmed me so that I get turned on when she is selfish and greedy! She is ruining me and I PAY her […]

Loser Jeffie sent fantasy to Princess

I have been training loser jeffie for a long time, he sent me a fantasy… I am posting it below, but before I do this. I am going to have loser work on my “Dick-tionary” he will send it to me, so that I can post it on my website. My website is perfect like […]

Worship Post for Princess Elizabeth

i had the pleasure of yet another call with Princess Elizabeth. it just keeps getting better. She makes me weaker, and i find Her ever more Beautiful and Sexy with each call. i Love how she humiliates me, makes me feel small but special all at the same time, special because i am allowed to […]

Princess and Panties

i finally was able to call Princess Elizabeth yesterday, after a weekend hiatus. She was music to my ears, delectably brainwashing and mindfucking me – her voice and commands sweeping into my head and controlling me more and more. She gave me more fun and exciting assignments and instructed me to post my progress here.