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Princess Elizabeth

Loser Jeffie is so funny, he thinks that he can please a girl now, when in fact he needs me… look at what he wrote.Loser you are nothing without me! Princess Elizabeth

“Your ownership of me, and your teasing and DENIAL of me, and your using of me has been So DELICIOUS!!! […]

Brainwashed stroker sucker pig…

Stupid sucker pig..No cumming for him, called me up to pay me the tribute he owed me. Aroused and denied. Makes him want to please me more. He pissed me off, and I hung up on him. He begs for forgiveness. Begs for corrective training. He wants me to own him. Stupid sucker pig. Wanted […]

Read this and weep loser’s!

As you pay Me to brainwash you to want Me to Fuck you over, I will do such a great job that you will know you are getting your money’s worth! It’s the Princess Paradox! Pay me to Use you, loser! You Pay me to Mind-Fuck you and Fuck you over! It’s expensive but you […]