Sissy Phone Sex for panty boys

Cum eating is fun for dress up sissy during a phone sex call

"sissy phone sex"


I have noticed several of my callers whom are cuckold  husbands are also into being  sissies. I think it’s the natural progression of little dick losers, to go from small penis humiliation, to cuckolding and then onto, to sissy phone sex. maybe even some cum eating phone sex or strap on phone sex, too! Dressing sissies up in cute outfits and calling them by their female name, letting them know that they are not a real man, is one of my favorite types of calls.

Some sissies are even enjoy cum eating. I like to be the first girl that guys talk to when they try a taste of their own jizz.  I even love to role play that a group of men with big dicks are surrounding a little dick loser, fucking his face, forcing him to deep throat and worship their large cocks.  And of course, I’ll be there to make sure you are dressed up all pretty, and sucking cock like a pro even if you are just a sissy looking for my attention.

Many sissy’s are into many forms of phone humiliation, I like to talk about all of them, do not be shy, let me know what fantasy you would like to indulge in.

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Sissy husband feminization phone sex and orgasm denial with Reno

"sissy phone sex"Hi, sissy boy time for a bit of orgasm denial and sissy husband feminization phone sex.  Are you dressed up in your prettiest, sluttiest outfits for Mistress Reno?  Have you been a good little slut, and done all of the chores that I told you to do? Did you launder my panties from my wild night of being a cheating wife with a big cock?  Did you put on your maid outfit and dust?  Good, well, tonight you will be in for a very special treat, my pet.  Sissy husband feminization is in the cards for you. We’re going to throw out all of your briefs, boxer briefs, and boxers, and we’re going to replace them with thongs, hipsters, corsets, bras, garter belts, and nylon stockings.

After we have accomplished that task, it is time for you to have an orgasm. Oh, you’re excited aren’t you? You’re hoping your Mistress will permit you to actually fuck me tonight, don’t you? As if that will ever happen. No, I said you would be allowed to cum tonight, what you also are going to experience is ruined orgasms. I am going to jerk you off, and provide edge play, stopping, then starting again. And when you just reach that plateau, when your little balls are tightening, and you feel that great feeling coursing through your cock, I’m going to stop jerking you off, I’m going to start flicking your cock with my long fingernails, and discussing current events. That’s right, didn’t enjoy that orgasm too much, now did you, slut?

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Femdom sissy phone fantasies – dress up for MacKenzie

"sissy phone sex" "cross dresser"


When  you are looking for an experienced phone girl who specializes in sissy fem dom phone sex sessions;  then you have happened onto the right place because, I happen to have a lot of sissy stories to share with a sissy wannabe  like you.   Feminization  phone sex just happens to be one of my specialties because I have had the fun opportunity to have many sissy panty boy sluts to play with on the phone.   I currently have several real sissy’s who serve me.  I like to make them buy panties, lipsticks, and even go out dressed like a sissy gurl.

Especially if in addition to loving to dress up for me, you also enjoymy  humiliation of you.   After all, phone humiliation is a key figure in transforming you into my panty boy.  I know you like to be teased by a beautiful girl.  I know you might only want to be transformed, so look no further.  You will serve ME.  You will lick my pussy, and ass, and I may call you names, or give you a name.  There is pure humiliation of wearing my panties, or going to the store and buying panties, or perhaps me applying makeup to you.  You might convince me to watch you on webcam.  Some sissy’s have little clits, others have big ones.

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Sissy husband feminization phone sex for cross dressers

"sissy phone sex" "cross dressing phone sex" "sissy feminization"

Sissy phone sex

Call me up when you are in the mood for sissy husband feminization phone sex. I would love to help you dress up in some scandalous, seductive, pretty, or slutty outfits. I certainly have enough clothes of my own to compare with you, I would love to hear about all of the naughty lingerie, and the pretty dresses you own yourself. Let me help you decide what to wear, dress up for me. Let’s shave your body all nice and smooth, so when you slide on those silky nylons and panties, they glide extremely easily over your skin. We can pamper your skin with lotions and treatments, and get you looking your best from head to toe.

I especially love sissy phone sex when I speak with sissies who love to dress up in slutty outfits. The more revealing the better is my motto. Let’s do your nails, your makeup, your hair, get you really decked out and looking like a completely transformed, feminized sissy. Hopefully we can get you to look passable. One way or another, we can. With the aid of some breast forms and wigs, we can have you strutting your stuff confidently. And of course, we can bring my strap on into the picture, or we can call up another phone sex Mistress as well, and the two of us can take turns using our strap ons on you, now that you look so damn hot, we won’t be able to resist!

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Cross dressing sissy slut for feminization phone training

"sissy phone sex" "cross dressing" "femdom"


There are so many ways that we can go about sissy panty boy phone sex. Either we can come up with a role play for fantasy fun, or we can share sexy stories.  Are you looking for tease and denial, for me to go through my panties, or your wife’s panties, and find  silky pairs  (maybe even dirty, with cum still in them, female maybe mixed with some cream pie), and wrap those panties around your cock, to stroke your dick with those silky panties. Or do you like to wear panties, are you just a sissy slut with a cross dressing fetish looking to have girl chat, to show off your cute little outfits?

Along with panties phone sex, maybe you have a little dick and are in need of some small penis humiliation phone sex, whether those panties are draped on your cock while you stroke it, or you’re wearing those panties. If you want those panties to have creampie left in them from your cheating wife or cheating girlfriend, then cuckold fantasy is in store for you. Or maybe you’re just a panty sniffer. Do you like to sniff, maybe even lick dirty panties? Have you ever been caught stealing panties from someone who was maybe just an acquaintance? I have all kinds of panties I’d love to share with you.

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Sissy panty boy phone sex for a sissy slut wanting tiny cock humiliation

"sissy phone sex" "sissy humiliation"Recently, I had a really hot panty boy phone sex call. The caller is a little sissy slut and a sissy faggot who wanted a good dose of cuckold humiliation phone sex.   At the beginning of our call, I dressed this naughty sissy panty boy up, in a sheer hot pink teddy with matching sheer hot pink panties, black, tall high heels, and bright red lipstick.  I had to make her  lips look good, because she was  soon going  to become my cock sucking faggot.  Shall I make her into a fluffer, I do know that not all sissies are into this.  For now however,  I tied her down to a table, had her splayed out on her sissy back, spread eagle.
This naughty sissy was so excited as she  received my wicked small cock humiliation that I like to do during a sissy humiliation phone sex call.   I also managed to call her some vulgar, humiliating names, as I invited in three men with really big dicks to compare her little dick to.   These studs took turns fucking my pussy, as this poor sissy stood in the corner, little clit out, stroking as everyone laughed at her.   I had a good gang bang, while this sissy watch the three well hung men fuck me with their rock hard cocks.I did manage to put the little dick sissy to good use.   She gave me a good ass  licking and I fed her my cream pie.  I think I will turn her into a cum eater for me.  That’s a good idea I think, she seems to love cum already!Call Ms. Cassie for your sissy phone sex and humiliation at:  1-877-368-7505

Look in your wife’s panty drawer and call me for panty boy phone sex!

"sissy phone sex" "feminization" "panties" "phone humiliation"


I am in the mood to play during a sissy phone sex  fun playtime call,  with someone wearing sissy panties for me, who maybe thinks he  isn’t a real man, most likely with a small penis, and a fascination for womens’ clothing. When your wife is not around, that is the best time  for some sissy husband feminization phone sex.  Let’s dig through your wife’s drawers together, maybe even through her dirty laundry.  Report back on your findings, what colors, fabrics, and cuts of panties does she have?  While bras are great, does she happen to own any corsets?  Any sexy lingerie? Revealing, sexy clothes? Let’s get you all dolled up and looking your sexiest.

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Blue ball phone sex

"tiny cock phone sex", "sissy phone sex"I have been using my loser Jeffie a bunch. I like to crush his useless blue balls these days. Sometimes I wear my pink stilletto’s, and I make him lie down, and put the heel into his balls and then turn them. Hahaha, I laugh as he squirms in pain, OH, I forgot the best part, I take his wallet and take the money out, dollar by dollar as I am doing this.

I am going to buy a car with the money. He is saving up for me to get a new car. He wants me to have one, because he said he would walk, if only to buy me one. Its good, I need one, maybe in powder blue. Blue matches my princess blue eyes, and loser’s blue – almost purple balls.

I love my loser Jeffie. He means the world to me, which is why I started to let him watch me have sex with MY real man boyfriend. I like to tie him up, and make him watch. If loser has an accident. The disgusting act of “cumming” I then spank him in front of my RMBoyfriend. Hahaha, what a laugh.

I also like to make loser bark doggie like, he sounds like a real dog, it is way cute~

Here is what loser had to write about me…
Princess Elizabeth knows exactly how to push my buttons, to make me horny, and desperate, and frustrated, and submissive and stupid, and Weak for her! Tonight she enjoyed crushing my loser blue balls, while she empties out my wallet and puts the money in the expensive hand bag that she made me buy for her. All the while reminding me how since I am such a pathetic little loser, I deserve to be Fucked Over and Ruined, for Her entertainment and profit! And when I give her lots of money so we can have long mind-fucking, brainwashing sessions, I think it turns her on to use me like that. I know it turns me on, thats the vicious downward spiral, as she leads me to ruination.

As you can see, he is owned TOTALLY by Princess Elizabeth. I love my Jeffie! Call me for your humiliation, chastity training, orgasm denial….


Sissy panty boy phone sex

"tiny cock phone sex", "sissy phone sex"Sissy Panty Phone Domination
jeffietheloser: Go get your panties loser it is time for some sissy panty phone domination. If you are not sure whether you are a sissy, a panty-boy, or just a phone sex jerk-off loser, it’s OK, just call me, I will figure out what to call you. Some sissies call me in their panties and some need to be forced a little bit. Some are ready to suck cock for me and some need to start out slow, like with my big black strap-on. And some of my callers are straight vanilla type guys who are only hot for mean women, but who need to be put in panties to be humiliated. I get all kinds of calls. You are not alone. Many guys wear panties and many more want to but are too scared. You are one of the lucky ones because you have found a hot dominant woman who is experienced at sissification, humiliation and good
jeffietheloser: old emasculation.
jeffietheloser: When you call me for sissy panty hone domination you don’t have to pretend to be a real man anymore. I will strip away every last trace of “real man” that you may be hiding behind.  You will get too excited and dribble pre-cum into your panties, and you will need my humiliating guidance and control. That is what I am here for sissy panty boy!
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Blue balls for you!

"sissy" "humiliation" "phone sex"

Princess Elizabeth

Hey wimps and losers, and loser-wimps, ha ha ha! I have a great new idea for how You can amuse me!

And this one won’t even cost you any money!
Well that’s not exactly true.
It’s actually going to COST you Everything!
Here’s what I want you to do.
Get a blue marker.
Sharpie or permanent, I don’t care whatever.
though it would be funny and best if it was blue,
and then write on your balls
“Princess Elizabeth Owns my blue-balls”
Can you do that for me loser?
Then call me up and tell me.
No I don’t wanna see any pics of those ugly big blue balls.
It will be something for us to talk about when you are paying me to humiliate you.
It will clarify our relationship, and make you a person if interest in my world, so I can prey upon your weaknesses.
And take advantage of your submissive nature.
Do it Now! And then Call Me for humiliation phone sex at 1-877-368-7505