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Humiliation, pain, chastity during sissy phone sex call with Ms. Vanessa

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Ms Vanessa just did a super fun sissy phone sex call  with tons of humiliation, chastity and pain,  with MY sissy Martie,  she is a sissy whore and likes pain and sissy chastity.  She had a few clothespins, and a whip, I own and control her, and wasted no time in getting her on board so that I can use her sissy mouth and ass for my amusement.  She started out by licking my perfect ass, and I put clothepins on her balls, and tits, and thighs.  I spanked her sissy ass, and we talked about getting a dildo and butt plug, and more panties.

I like spanking her clitty during our sissy phone sex call, and I plan on using her more in the future as she is a dirty little slut.  Did I mention her clit is small, small penis humiliation phone sex ranks high in my favorites.  Martie likes to be humiliated and abused and needs that sissy spanking on clit and ass to remind her of what a sissy whore she is.

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Sissy panty boy likes to role play during a femdom phone sex call

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I took care of a new naughty stroker during a sissy panty boy phone sex call.  Sometimes sissies like  feminization role play phone sex, this time it was a sissy sneaking into my lingerie drawer.   In this role play fantasy I walked in on him and caught him wearing my panties. Not only was he wearing my panties, but he also had porn on, gay faggot porn, at that. I told him that I knew someone had been going through my panty drawer, and I had the feeling it was him.  I laughed and looked at how ridiculous he looked and commented that those panties were a bit large on him, and that I should  have to buy him some panties of his own.  At all this, he began masturbating, stroking his tiny cock, or  clitty, and he was also grinding on the bed. I asked him what was going on with his ass, and he told me he had found a buttplug and had inserted it in him. I rolled him over so I could see it. He was using one of  my buttplugs from my toy drawer.  This really annoyed me, and I decided that he had to be punished.  At which, I grabbed an even larger buttplug, spreading his ass cheeks,  I inserted the much larger butt plug into his pussy.  He struggled and begged me not to do this, he said that he  didn’t think he could handle it, but I continued, ignoring his pleas. Eventually I allowed him to stroke his clitty for me.  However, I am not going to tell you what happened next, for that you need to set up a call with me. Ms. Ronnie for sissy panty boy phone sex at:  1-866-438-2345

Cross dressing sissy slut phone sex

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Cross dressing phone sex

Listen up lovers of sissy panty boy phone sex, and cross-dressers in general. Sissy training is back in session for the semester, which means that Samantha has got a lot of sissy training to be doing soon. I have to make sure that all of the sissies are dressed up in the latest panty fashions, that the cock sucking sissies are on their knees practicing their cock sucking skills on my strap on, and the nasty cuckold sissies are getting whored out. I definitely have a lot of work ahead of me to do, but I am eagerly looking forward to every second of it.

It is not easy providing quality intelligent panties phone sex. Sure, any girl could claim that they love panties phone sex, and hell, maybe they do, but they just simply can not do it as well as I can. It is not easy being as great and experienced and intelligent as I am. I have make sure, using only my vocal cords and sheer will, that all of my sissy sluts are obedient and can keep up with my tasks for them. Right now, if you are a sissy slut, you are required to give me a call, let’s get your feminization training started. I need to make sure you are behaving yourself, and if you are not, I have lots of naughty punishments to put you through.

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Nasty mistress for wimpy sissy wanting humiliation

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I don’t care who you are, all I want from you is feminization phone sex in a nasty, hard way. Do you want some of this nasty Mistress’ feminization training? Well, then you need to prove just how good of a sissy you can be for me. I am going to pull you by your long wig and wrap your wimpy hands firmly around my strap on. Do you feel how realistic my rubber cock is, how hard and firm and thick and long it is? I am going to make sure to teach you a lesson, a cock sucking lesson, as you have been a naughty cross dresser sissy lately. I don’t need you to speak a single word to me, all I want to hear is the slurping sounds of your hungry mouth as it is wrapped firmly around my strap on. That is right, tonight you are going to become my dirty cock sucking cunt.

I can give you sissy phone sex that will blow your mind, and believe me when I say you will definitely want to take anything I give you, I will have you craving my every command, you will simply seek to please me. However you want to be feminized is fine with me, my sissy sessions know no limits or restrictions. This realistic rubber strap on is all yours to use your cock sucking skills on. I promise that while you are sucking away on my rubber dick, your own cock will be growing hard inside of your sexy girly panties. I want to watch you stroke your own clitty for me as you suck on my cock for me, but keep your eyes wide open and look at me as you pleasure yourself for me. It will feel so intense when you shoot your load, like nothing you had ever experienced before.

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Cross dressers and panty boys get ready for Ms. Reno

"sissy phone sex" There are so many reasons why I just love panty boy phone sex ! I love to play dress up myself. I have had a long time stocking and garter and lingerie fetish so I love to dress my sissy boys up in sexy attire that matches mine. It helps to set the mood and put you in your place. From the moment you are wearing your sexy sissy panties for this Mistress you will instantly get erect, even if it just a little dick I know it will be rock hard against that soft silky fabric. It just feels so good. I also know that it makes you feel all girly girl which is just right for some intense panty boy phone sex action.

I would love to be the Mistress to talk you through your fantasy and push you down to your knees to start your your cock sucking training on my strap on as one of my many well hung stud lovers watches and waits for his turn in your hungry mouth. Then as I give you my strap on he will be the one forcing you to suck his cock until he drains his first load straight down your sissy faggot throat. I am a very highly intelligent and demanding phone sex Mistress who will test and expand your limits. The fact that you are willing to do whatever it takes to please me is such a turn on for me. Makes my pussy so wet. And that turns my lovers on too so much so that in no time he will be hard again and ready for round two when we can switch up as he slides his big hard dick deep into your greedy man cunt and I can lay back and watch your expressions as he does so and we humiliate and degrade you and call you nasty names and you beg to orally worship and adore my lovely wet pussy.

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Sissy in pink panties might be a cuckold wimp wanting humiliation phone sex

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Princess Elizabeth

Are you a sissy cuckold in pink panties wanting some humiliating phone sex?  Then call me, wimp!  I love reminding and explaining to losers why they are cuckold wimps.  I love telling you that you don’t deserve sex, not even with your girlfriend or wife because you are a small-dicked loser.  You deserve to be humiliated for being so weak and inadequate.  You don’t even deserve to cum. This will help you adjust to your new role as sissy cuckold in pink panties.  Since I do not permit sissy cuckolds to cum, it will be extra humiliating for you when you get rock hard when you watch your wife get fucked by a real man!  Even your pathetic boner can’t hide in pink panties. I will have fun humiliating you for it. Awww does loser like watching his wife get plowed by a real man, when he is not allowed to even cum?

Go ahead and rub it my sissy cuckold wimp  in pink panties. I did not say you could not stroke it, just that you are not allowed to cum! It is best when you are worked up weak and horny. Horny for what you can’t have. Awwww, poor loser! You need to call me for some sexy re-programming. Call me with your hard-on in hand and I will tell you what sexy outfits you can get me for my fuck sessions with my real man boyfriend! Don’t worry, we will order an extra pair of pink panties for you.

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Sissy feminization phone sex with Ms. Vickie

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Sissy training

Sissy feminization phone sex. My sissy vicki is spring mode, ready to be dressed up and party with Auntie Kate, and I always enjoy buying her a new Easter Outfit.. read on..

Vicki writes….”Dearest Auntie, I hope this finds you doing well. I have an idea for a two lady call and would like to get your thoughts. It is near Easter again. Mommy has a new Easter dress for me, yellow and white, lace and bows, with a crinoline slip that makes it a little poufy, with white stockings. She wants me to look good and go to church with the rest of her girls. I have matching yellow shoes with a 2 and 1/2 inch heel. I’m older now,  and I can wear a higher heel. Mommy also took me to get a new bra and silicone breast forms in a 32C. I feel even more womanly with my bigger boobies. I called you to tell you about the new outfit. You said you were seeing a friend soon, but would stop by later in the afternoon to take a look at me. Mommy and my sisters were out of the house and not expected back for a long time In anticipation of seeing you alone, I decide to make myself up like Taylor Swift, my ideal of a young woman, with red lipstick, light makeup and a long wig Mommy bought for me. I put on my bra, garter belt and stockings and then my padded pantygirdle, all in virginal white. Next goes on my crinoline slip and my pretty yellow and white dress. I feel so feminine while wearing this dress! I am getting more and more excited about you seeing me in my new dress! The scene opens when you come to my house. I am surprised and a little disappointed that you are not alone, but graciously welcome you both. You introduce me as your niece, Victoria. Your friend is complimentary about my appearance. You explain you have talked to your friend quite a bit about me and she asked to see me. You then ask your friend that if she saw me on the street, would she think I was a sissy? I am shocked and humiliated! I say “Auntie, please, no!” Mention all the things you have told about me, things we have done together. I am so humiliated!! You friend says what she would like to do. (have me do some activity) Mention how big Vicki’s cock gets when she is excited. Have me take off my dress, crinoline and girdle. How I come is up to your decision. Love, Vicki

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Sissy panty boy phone sex

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jeffietheloser: Go get your panties loser it is time for some sissy panty phone domination. If you are not sure whether you are a sissy, a panty-boy, or just a phone sex jerk-off loser, it’s OK, just call me, I will figure out what to call you. Some sissies call me in their panties and some need to be forced a little bit. Some are ready to suck cock for me and some need to start out slow, like with my big black strap-on. And some of my callers are straight vanilla type guys who are only hot for mean women, but who need to be put in panties to be humiliated. I get all kinds of calls. You are not alone. Many guys wear panties and many more want to but are too scared. You are one of the lucky ones because you have found a hot dominant woman who is experienced at sissification, humiliation and good
jeffietheloser: old emasculation.
jeffietheloser: When you call me for sissy panty hone domination you don’t have to pretend to be a real man anymore. I will strip away every last trace of “real man” that you may be hiding behind.  You will get too excited and dribble pre-cum into your panties, and you will need my humiliating guidance and control. That is what I am here for sissy panty boy!
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Bubble baths and feminization phone sex for sissy’s who are panty boys

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I have tons of fun on feminization phone sex sessions. Just the other day, I had a great time with Sissy FE. She is a sexy, petite sissy who loves to play dress up with me. I browse my very large walk-in closet while I am on the phone with her, and browse through all of my pretty dresses and lingerie and make suggestions for clothes that I own that would look absolutely stunning on FE. I recently began having Sissy FE have her legs waxed at a salon, how embarassing! She did admit to me that the waxing is painful, but the result are so worth it, she feels like a humiliated feminized sissy, for sure.

Sissy phone sex with Sissy FE also includes warm bubble baths, sometimes with pink candles, to relax her after her waxing treatments, she loves rubbing her skin in the tub, feeling how smooth and silky her legs feel. After she is all clean and hair free, Sissy FE gets to browse through everything I have in my closet – soft, silky, satiny, nylon materials, a variety of seductive and pretty colors, from business wear to the sexiest lingerie imagineable, I have it all, and she loves to try everything on, luckily, we are the same size! Sissy FE of course, loves to look like a real slut, so we each wore revealing lingerie and then did each other’s hair and makeup, we love to play dress up together, get all pretty and dolled up, and just have some fun, genuine girl time.

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Sissy panty boy phone sex dress up in lingerie and high heels

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Hello sissy’s you better put your panties on and get ready to have  some fun during  sissy  panty boy phone sex session.   I am the hot girl that you have been looking for, and that you long to serve.  Of course I will  start off by dressing dress you up like the good little sissy gurl, and we both know that this is what you are, and long to be in your deepest secret fantasy.   Once you have those panties on, and wear them every day for me,  I know how hard you will be all the time,  when you walk through any  door.    Imagine that you have been wearing your suit all day and underneath it you have had on the sexiest, silkest, laciest little lavender panties.   You will do this for me, and report to me daily for your training.   This will prove that you are a good little sissy and that  you’ve been excited all day thinking about how I am going to play with you, feminize you and dress you up.

Sissy  phone sex is what you want and it’s what I am going to give you!   A good fantasy might be,  that you walk in my bedroom and  I order you to strip down to your little panties and follow me.   “Come on little sissy let’s have some fun!”   I lead you to the dressing room full of all kinds of sexy little sissy clothes just for you!   I can’t wait to put you in a yummy lavender corset trimmed in soft white lace and lacey white thigh highs!   I know you want to be a sexy little sissy so I also point to a pair of sleek, sexy 6 inch heels.  “Walk for me like a good little sissy. Let me see you priss and primp in front of the full length mirror.”   You are such a good little sissy  but I know you are more than that.   You are going to be owned and controlled by me, you will obey me, dress up for me, and you will be all the happier for it!

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