Sissy Phone Sex for panty boys

Cross dressing for those wanting to be panty boys during a phone sex call.

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You might be looking to have a cock control phone sex call, that can happen here, with your sissy fantasies.   Dig into your panty collection and put on a pair right now.  There is no need to get me warmed up or in the mood when you call, I am always wet, and ready to play!  From the tame to the wild, I will fulfill all of your fantasies.  Take, for example, sissy feminization.  I love it when a man dresses up for me in pretty outfits. I have noticed sometimes men that cross dress have tiny little dicks of course some do not.   Usually they are not real men, or like to pretend they are not,  they are not broad-shouldered, strong, and muscular.  They are weak and submissive.  Cross dressing is absolutely perfect for these types, there is no other way that they are going to please someone as beautiful and alluring as me.

Sissy sluts and little dicked losers can be pathetic at time, so much so  that they can’t even seem to grasp the concept of jerking off without a woman to provide complete guided masturbation.  I would love to use my sexy voice to give you masturbation techniques, to have you stroking and jerking on your cock exactly as I want you to do.   Another thing that I do,  is to watch you on web cam,  bring your toys,  lube, maybe with panties, stroking your cock, or clitty, depending on the size of it, and cumming just for me.  You being the submissive type,  will have to learn to clean up your mess by eating your own cum.

For sissy panty boy phone sex call Ms. Ronnie  at 1-877-368-7505

Sissy training phone sex |Debbie | Ms. Jennifer 1-877-368-7505

Panty boy phone sex 1-877-368-7505

Panty boy phone sex 1-877-368-7505

Sissy training phone sex with my new cross dressing gf Debbie.  I have a wealth of information about a new trainee she is very willing to embrace being feminine.  I am going to be posting in a few updates – starting with the very beginning.  This is so you wannabee sissies will be able to learn and possibly dress up like Debbie does.

She contacted me originally wanting to know what I thought about her dressing up for the first time.   She is lucky because she already has a boyfriend in mind.  She told me that she  called him and informed him to get her some lubricant and I also mentioned some lipstick (I had suggested these).  He did.  Afterwards, she told him, if he wanted me to do so again, I would need more lingerie and clothes.  He agreed and said he would get some more.   I will call to inform you how it all went.

I was so happy when I found out that she told her bf to get the items I had suggested to her on the phone.   After her bf came over, she said “Oh, what I didn’t like, I had cum dripping out of my sissy butt while working last night.  I had to go to the restroom and put paper towels in my underwear.  I wasn’t prepared for that.  Does the seeping normally happen?  If I continue, should I get some panty liners like women do?”

That is pretty funny. I had to laugh when I heard that, but told her it was perfectly normal.  I also suggested that she start getting some female things, like lingerie and makeup.  This is what I heard back,  He called and informed me, he has some cosmetics (eye liner, mascara, a small box eye shadow, lip liner) bra, panties and a peignoir set (I had to look it up).  I asked him where he got them, he said he asked his sister to pick up.  She is aware that he likes his guys in lingerie but doesn’t know who I am and that he pays her back for her expenses.  I told him to get some panty liners from her.  He agreed and said he will be over around 6.  We both have to be to work at 11pm.

I was very excited when I heard this. I think Debbie is moving right along.   That night he came over to visit Debbie, this is what she had to say “He helped me put the bra on and now I have to try and put the makeup on.  I feel so excited.  I can’t help it.”

I will keep all you sissy’s posted on Debbie’s progress.

Ms. Jennifer  1-877-368-7505

Sissy panty boy, cuckold, sph training and more with sissy trainer Audrey

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Phonesex slut Audrey

Sissies be ready for me, as I adore sissy phone sex – whether it be cuckold fantasy phone sex, small penis humiliation phone sex, domination phone sex, sissy boys phone sex, I truly love it all.   Dressing you up in pretty little panties because you have a small penis , humiliating you as I have you on your knees sucking on my strap on is great, (not that all sissies have to suck a strap on) and gives me power and control.   But what I REALLY love is big dick – I can’t get enough of big cock, and one of my callers knows that all too well, she just like me, because sissy missy LOVES big dick, even though  missy is totally straight,   and  she seems to have aa big dick of his own, too!

She likes to call  me up regularly for sissy training phone sex.  W/we watch pornos together on line, missy jacks off on webcam, and I stroke on my clitoris and finger my pussy.  We both have a fantasy that she and her friend   are in a room with me , all three of us are naked,  and I get down on my knees and take turns sucking on their big dicks.  Then, I go to get one of them  a glass of water, and I let them know to keep their cocks hard for me.   While I’m out of the room,  missy’s cock starts to get a little limp,   so the other sissy gets on her knees and sucks her off to keep her hard. When I come back into the room, I let missy  know how much of a faggot she looks like, how gay she looks, even though I know he’s straight – I make sure she finishes sucking that dick, and swallowing her load down his throat, while missy strokes on his own big dick and cums for me.

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Sissy cuckold play with Mistress Ronnie

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I am looking forward to doing this cuckold phone sex    fantasy request by this new caller..
I am here today to take your calls!

Dear Goddess Ronnie,
i’m new to cuckolding and being a sissy and i’m not sure how this works. i have a wedding night fantasy with You wearing Your white leather Vera Wang wedding dress with long white leather gloves, matching pearl bracelets, a pearl necklace, white stockings with lots of garter attachments, and thigh high white leather boots. You tell me You only married me for my money and won’t ever sleep with me (You told me before the wedding You wanted to wait and put me in a chastity device to keep me from masturbating). You tell me the only thing You love more than my money is Big Cock (which would explain all big cock Guy friends). You tell me all the times You had me go down on You i was cleaning  Cum out of Your pussy. Then You invite Your  Lover in the room and tell me i’m going to have to wear pink panties, garters, stockings, heels, and nighty. Then You tell me i’m going to have to suck his Big  Cock. Then You grab my hair with Your gloved hands and “force” my head on His Big  Cock. And that’s just the start.
Would You do a call like that? Thanks.

Mistress Ronnie  1-8877-368-7505



Sissy trainer Shannon will turn you into a girl

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sissy phone sex

As I am writing this, I am on the phone with Sissy Francisco who is wearing panties for me, pink panties to be precise, he knows that those are my favorite. Not only are they pink, but they are extremely silky too, he told me that he can’t stop himself from reaching down and stroking his little clitty over those pink panties. He is begging me to suck my strap on.  He is really begging me tonight, he wants be feminine for his Mistress so badly, he knows that I have a giant pink strap on, and he would do absolutely anything I desire just to get a taste of it.

So, I thought I would tell the world about Sissy Francisco and our phone sex together. I told him to take pictures for me, of him sucking on his big pink dildo that he bought specifically with me in mind. He told me every time that he sucks on that big pink dildo he imagines it’s my big pink rubber cock. I humiliated Sissy Francisco, told him he is not a real man, a real man wouldn’t be caught dead begging to become a sissy cocksucker! Sissy Francisco is simply a feminized sissy slut, more woman than man. Sissy Francisco even loves to wear a long blonde wig when she is sucking on that big pink dildo, he loves to look like a pretty little slut for me.

Sissies, stop reading and start dialing! Call Shannon now at  1-877-368-7505

Cross dressing sissy slut for feminization phone training

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There are so many ways that we can go about sissy panty boy phone sex. Either we can come up with a role play for fantasy fun, or we can share sexy stories.  Are you looking for tease and denial, for me to go through my panties, or your wife’s panties, and find  silky pairs  (maybe even dirty, with cum still in them, female maybe mixed with some cream pie), and wrap those panties around your cock, to stroke your dick with those silky panties. Or do you like to wear panties, are you just a sissy slut with a cross dressing fetish looking to have girl chat, to show off your cute little outfits?

Along with panties phone sex, maybe you have a little dick and are in need of some small penis humiliation phone sex, whether those panties are draped on your cock while you stroke it, or you’re wearing those panties. If you want those panties to have creampie left in them from your cheating wife or cheating girlfriend, then cuckold fantasy is in store for you. Or maybe you’re just a panty sniffer. Do you like to sniff, maybe even lick dirty panties? Have you ever been caught stealing panties from someone who was maybe just an acquaintance? I have all kinds of panties I’d love to share with you.

Sissy feminization phone sex with Ms Carmen 1-877-368-7505

Sissy panty boy phone sex dress up in lingerie and high heels

"sissy play time" "femdom" "feminization"


Hello sissy’s you better put your panties on and get ready to have  some fun during  sissy  panty boy phone sex session.   I am the hot girl that you have been looking for, and that you long to serve.  Of course I will  start off by dressing dress you up like the good little sissy gurl, and we both know that this is what you are, and long to be in your deepest secret fantasy.   Once you have those panties on, and wear them every day for me,  I know how hard you will be all the time,  when you walk through any  door.    Imagine that you have been wearing your suit all day and underneath it you have had on the sexiest, silkest, laciest little lavender panties.   You will do this for me, and report to me daily for your training.   This will prove that you are a good little sissy and that  you’ve been excited all day thinking about how I am going to play with you, feminize you and dress you up.

Sissy  phone sex is what you want and it’s what I am going to give you!   A good fantasy might be,  that you walk in my bedroom and  I order you to strip down to your little panties and follow me.   “Come on little sissy let’s have some fun!”   I lead you to the dressing room full of all kinds of sexy little sissy clothes just for you!   I can’t wait to put you in a yummy lavender corset trimmed in soft white lace and lacey white thigh highs!   I know you want to be a sexy little sissy so I also point to a pair of sleek, sexy 6 inch heels.  “Walk for me like a good little sissy. Let me see you priss and primp in front of the full length mirror.”   You are such a good little sissy  but I know you are more than that.   You are going to be owned and controlled by me, you will obey me, dress up for me, and you will be all the happier for it!

For Sissy panty boy phone sex call
Ms. Ronnie  1-877-368-7505

Blue ball phone sex

"tiny cock phone sex", "sissy phone sex"I have been using my loser Jeffie a bunch. I like to crush his useless blue balls these days. Sometimes I wear my pink stilletto’s, and I make him lie down, and put the heel into his balls and then turn them. Hahaha, I laugh as he squirms in pain, OH, I forgot the best part, I take his wallet and take the money out, dollar by dollar as I am doing this.

I am going to buy a car with the money. He is saving up for me to get a new car. He wants me to have one, because he said he would walk, if only to buy me one. Its good, I need one, maybe in powder blue. Blue matches my princess blue eyes, and loser’s blue – almost purple balls.

I love my loser Jeffie. He means the world to me, which is why I started to let him watch me have sex with MY real man boyfriend. I like to tie him up, and make him watch. If loser has an accident. The disgusting act of “cumming” I then spank him in front of my RMBoyfriend. Hahaha, what a laugh.

I also like to make loser bark doggie like, he sounds like a real dog, it is way cute~

Here is what loser had to write about me…
Princess Elizabeth knows exactly how to push my buttons, to make me horny, and desperate, and frustrated, and submissive and stupid, and Weak for her! Tonight she enjoyed crushing my loser blue balls, while she empties out my wallet and puts the money in the expensive hand bag that she made me buy for her. All the while reminding me how since I am such a pathetic little loser, I deserve to be Fucked Over and Ruined, for Her entertainment and profit! And when I give her lots of money so we can have long mind-fucking, brainwashing sessions, I think it turns her on to use me like that. I know it turns me on, thats the vicious downward spiral, as she leads me to ruination.

As you can see, he is owned TOTALLY by Princess Elizabeth. I love my Jeffie! Call me for your humiliation, chastity training, orgasm denial….


Feminization phone sex for cock sucking sissy’s

No wonder you call me for sissy phone sex,the way you talk about wanting to be a fluffer for me it is clear you are a sissy faggot cock sucking slut! It came as no surprise "sissy playtime"  "sissy phone sex"  "feminization"though. I knew what you were the moment I talked to you! I live in a small college town and happen to go to a very elite college. You would not believe the amount of sissy boys I run into.

It’s so funny the way these sissy cock sucking faggots try and make me believe they are real men but they hint again and again that they will do anything for me. Of course when they say anything they mean suck cock and get fucked for me.You love cock sucking phone sex! My theory is that deep down all guys want to suck cock and get fucked by it. You are obsessed with it! What do you guys call eachother when you are shit talking?  Cock sucker or faggot, that’s what! You spend so much time avoiding looking at each other’s cock when in reality you just want to get on your knees and suck it.

When I am using  my strap on in your tight ass you are begging me to put you in your place even though you are often puzzled by how I got you to admit you are a dirty cock sucker! You love to be humiliated, called a sissy cock sucker or faggot. Since nothing gets me wetter than to play dirty games I am more than happy call you all kinds of fun games while we fuck. Next time I may let you bring one of your macho frat friends for you to suck!

Dirty Sissy Phone Sex is what I want to do Call: Princess Mia 1-877-368-7505

Sissy Jackie called for sissy phone sex | Ms. Vanessa

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Sissy phone sex with miss jackie, what a sissy cock sucker she is.  I like to dress her up and send her out.  Her tiny clitty is only good for one thing, and that amusing me.  Small penis humiliation phone sex, can also be fun!  But I prefer to use her for my amusement.  She is going to serve me and be a good gurl.  She can pass for a girl, sent me a picture with a cock in her mouth. Wow, she has great sucking power, I heard her suck a dick.  I am going to make sure she sucks cock for me!  Who would not love to have jackie’s pretty lips, painted in pink wrapped around their cock.

I took her out all dressed up, we went to the mall, I had her buy us both new things, new panties and bras. I will wear mine with real men, and she will get them ready for me!  I will use her, she has no choice but to obey me.

I own and control her!
Ms. Vanessa 1-877-368-7505