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Sissy phone sex

Call me up when you are in the mood for sissy husband feminization phone sex. I would love to help you dress up in some scandalous, seductive, pretty, or slutty outfits. I certainly have enough clothes of my own to compare with you, I would love to hear about all of the naughty lingerie, and the pretty dresses you own yourself. Let me help you decide what to wear, dress up for me. Let’s shave your body all nice and smooth, so when you slide on those silky nylons and panties, they glide extremely easily over your skin. We can pamper your skin with lotions and treatments, and get you looking your best from head to toe.

I especially love sissy phone sex when I speak with sissies who love to dress up in slutty outfits. The more revealing the better is my motto. Let’s do your nails, your makeup, your hair, get you really decked out and looking like a completely transformed, feminized sissy. Hopefully we can get you to look passable. One way or another, we can. With the aid of some breast forms and wigs, we can have you strutting your stuff confidently. And of course, we can bring my strap on into the picture, or we can call up another phone sex Mistress as well, and the two of us can take turns using our strap ons on you, now that you look so damn hot, we won’t be able to resist!

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Cross dressing sissy slut phone sex with Ms. Ronnie

"sissy play time" "femdom" "feminization" Look at how sad my little cuckold phone sex, sissy loser gets when he knows I’m going to get fucked by my  lovers. He always gets excited when he knows I’m ready to dress him. You know what would look hot on you? I have some skimpy lace panties with matching bra that would look just delicious on you.  We of course have to tuck your little man clit between your ass before we can put them on.  I’ll even let you pick out the color.  I’m sure I have a matching shade of lipstick to go with those panties. No wait, lip-gloss would be so much better it will make your lips pop. Plus men love red shiny, wet lips. Next we need some heels very high ones, to show off your sexy legs. I have just the perfect thigh high boots to make you look like a dirty darlene slut.

You’re going to be my slut from now on. Do you feel sexy in those silk panties? Do you feel girly? I’m going to shave those legs of yours. I like my sissy slut nice and smooth. Now come with me to the bathroom. We have to get you all dolled up. We have company coming over and I want you to look your best for my new lovers.

I have a couple of new friends coming over and they are very interested in meeting you, yes I told them all about you. So I need you to be a good little sissy and wear your for me.  Can you be a good girl and do that for me?  Wait why I am even asking you. It’s not like you have a choice. *Giggles* Oh I think that’s them knocking right now. I’ll go get the door. You stay here and put on that dress I laid out for you. Time to have some fun with my fantasy cross dressing sissy phone sex slut.

Ronnie    1-877-368-7505


Ms vickie gets sissy orgasm denial during a humiliation phone session!

"sissy panty boy phone sex" "femdom" "humiliation phone sex"Ms. Kate has done many sissy phone sex calls with naughty sissy’s wanting panty dress up humiliation.   Ms. Vickie is a naughty sissy gurl, and I have feminized, trained her, given her hormones.  She is very pretty and feminine and  has very pretty boobies, and is a sexy young woman.  Vickie also has some fantasies that she likes to share with me.  She sent me one, via email, and W/we did a two girl sissy phone sex session with Jennifer and myself. Let me post ms. vickie’s very sexy fantasy here it is interesting as it has some orgasm denial, and sissy humiliation as well:

My sister, Becky, caught me trying on her 4″ heels, again. She wanted to punish, embarrass and humiliate me. She had me take off the heels and put on a pair of 5″ heels with a 1″ platform. She explained they were effectively a 4″ heel but a lot harder to walk in. She then had me change my top to a pink tee with SISSY in red stenciled on it over my boobies. It is a size too small and really them. Becky said she wanted to do a cliti inspection and told me to unzip and lower my black skinny jeans. I then had to expose my cliti and balls by pulling down the front of my pantyhose and pink panties and putting them under my balls. I then had to raise my jeans, button and belt it.

I was not allowed to raise the zipper. Becky reached in and pulled out my cliti and then reached in and grabbed my balls and pulled them out also. She squeezed my balls telling me not to wear her shoes without permission. I was in tears and said I was sorry. She laughed at me and said she was leaving. I could not change clothes, raise my zipper and, since she was leaving, did not have permission to ejaculate. She said I could wait until Mommy came home and explain why I looked this way with my cliti exposed or call our Auntie and have her come over to the house and let me ejaculate and change clothes. I call and explain what has happened.

Our scene opens when you come to the house. You are accompanied by another woman. I am embarrassed and humiliated to see another woman with you. You explain when I called, you were talking with your friend about sissies and how you thought they were wonderful. You thought it would be good for her to meet me. You tell your friend all the things I am good for. As you go on, my cliti starts to jump. If I am good for your friend, you give me permission to ejaculate.

Ms. Kate for sissy feminization phone sex calls at:  1-877-368-7505

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Cross dressing phone sex with some feminization for complete transformation

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If you call me for a cross dressing phone sex session,  in a high-pitched girly voice and admit to me that you have a fetish for crossdressing I will be sure to have fun during our phone sex session.  I want you to  be prepared to be treated exactly as you truly are, which is an inexperienced girl.  I will have you get dressed up in all types of pretty little outfits.  I will take you shopping, buy you panties, and bras, and girlie things.  Oh, you caught me stepping out of the shower, little one?  You are admiring my boobs and wishing they were yours.  If you want rub your little clitty, maybe even stick some fingers up inside of your pussy I will teach you to do so like a real girl.

Most girls learn it growing up, but I will teach you during sissy training sessions, and I know you will enjoy that.  You will be transformed into the girl you long to be.  Dresses, and makeup, and maybe going to clubs with other girls like yourself.  Cross dressing is a lifestyle that I enjoy talking about.  You will learn all the sissy things you need to know to please me.

Mistress Ronnie for feminization phone sex at 1-877-368-7505

Blue balls for you!

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Princess Elizabeth

Hey wimps and losers, and loser-wimps, ha ha ha! I have a great new idea for how You can amuse me!

And this one won’t even cost you any money!
Well that’s not exactly true.
It’s actually going to COST you Everything!
Here’s what I want you to do.
Get a blue marker.
Sharpie or permanent, I don’t care whatever.
though it would be funny and best if it was blue,
and then write on your balls
“Princess Elizabeth Owns my blue-balls”
Can you do that for me loser?
Then call me up and tell me.
No I don’t wanna see any pics of those ugly big blue balls.
It will be something for us to talk about when you are paying me to humiliate you.
It will clarify our relationship, and make you a person if interest in my world, so I can prey upon your weaknesses.
And take advantage of your submissive nature.
Do it Now! And then Call Me for humiliation phone sex at 1-877-368-7505

Sissy cuckold play with Mistress Ronnie

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I am looking forward to doing this cuckold phone sex    fantasy request by this new caller..
I am here today to take your calls!

Dear Goddess Ronnie,
i’m new to cuckolding and being a sissy and i’m not sure how this works. i have a wedding night fantasy with You wearing Your white leather Vera Wang wedding dress with long white leather gloves, matching pearl bracelets, a pearl necklace, white stockings with lots of garter attachments, and thigh high white leather boots. You tell me You only married me for my money and won’t ever sleep with me (You told me before the wedding You wanted to wait and put me in a chastity device to keep me from masturbating). You tell me the only thing You love more than my money is Big Cock (which would explain all big cock Guy friends). You tell me all the times You had me go down on You i was cleaning  Cum out of Your pussy. Then You invite Your  Lover in the room and tell me i’m going to have to wear pink panties, garters, stockings, heels, and nighty. Then You tell me i’m going to have to suck his Big  Cock. Then You grab my hair with Your gloved hands and “force” my head on His Big  Cock. And that’s just the start.
Would You do a call like that? Thanks.

Mistress Ronnie  1-8877-368-7505



New Little Dick loser tonight!

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Princess Elizabeth

Princess Elizabeth had a little dick loser tonight, I will refer to him as *F* – he asked for humiliation, when I asked him if he had a little dick, guess what he said? YES

Is that a no brainer? I made him go get a ruler, and measure, it was 5 inches.. but the funny part is that it is 2 inches, soft!

Princess had her girlfriends watch him masturbate, I finger fucked him and laughed at him as he licked all our butt holes.. I know he is going to call again soon, because I made him cum hard, after begging, and then lick it up!

Call PRINCESS ELIZABETH ….Toll Free 1-877-368-7505


Humiliation and some masturbation techniques during sissy phone sex

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Panty boy phone sex

Would you enjoy having a sissy phone sex call with some cock control added in? Would you enjoy being humiliated, dressed up in women’s clothing, and instructed on how to masturbate by a sexy and seductive Mistress? I routinely speak with sissy sluts who enjoy masturbating for me, and since I love it when a sissy slut strokes for me, I love to give them masturbation commands, after I have told them what to wear during our session, of course. Would you like to explore your own submissive sissy slut panty wearing guided masturbation fantasy with Ms Jennifer?

Schedule a session for sissy fantasy phone sex, or call me out of the blue, I absolutely will be thrilled to speak with you regardless of the forewarning that I receive. Let us play together, while we are both dressed in pretty feminine outfits, and you can stroke your clitty for me while I tell you exactly how to stroke it, and while I verbally humiliate you, letting you know that your little clitty is perfect to be a sissy penis, it wouldn’t be good for much else. You may feel empty inside and strange when you cross-dress, even guilty, but I can promise you your face will light up when I tell you how much I approve of your cross-dressing ways.

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Sissy cross dressing and cock sucking fantasy phone sex at sissy playtime

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Do you know what my wish is? My wish is to turn every little sissy faggot that I talk to on a daily basis into a cock sucking slut. I am looking for cross dressers to play with during a sissy phone sex session, some like to suck cock, I know many like just to dress up.  Is it because you have a little dick, or love the feel of nylon on your girlie clitl   You little bitches get more excited about the cock than I do and that is saying a lot because I sure do love some good dick. My little sissy sluts love a good dick too. What I truly look to do is turn them into little glory hole sluts who crave having a big fat cock in their mouths, sucking and slobbering on it like it’s the best thing in the world they have ever had in their mouth. Let’s face it, it pretty much is though, isn’t it? Does it make your little dickie twitch at the idea of seeing some strange guys cock slip through that hole just waiting for you to suck on?

Does that make your panties wet sissy slut? Who am I asking? Of course it does. I’m sure you are having a hard time composing yourself while you read about being a glory hole fag queen. Your little thingie is twitching in your panties, or even better yet you’ve got it pulled out and your rubbing it. Don’t you want to confess your hot cock-sucking day dreams to me? You know you can’t confess these secrets to the woman in your life, that’s why you always have me to turn to, slut. Your secrets are safe with me. Well… maybe.

Sexy Mistress Shannon for sissy phone sex fantasies, call for your session at 1-877-368-7505

Sissy panty boy, cuckold, sph training and more with sissy trainer Audrey

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Phonesex slut Audrey

Sissies be ready for me, as I adore sissy phone sex – whether it be cuckold fantasy phone sex, small penis humiliation phone sex, domination phone sex, sissy boys phone sex, I truly love it all.   Dressing you up in pretty little panties because you have a small penis , humiliating you as I have you on your knees sucking on my strap on is great, (not that all sissies have to suck a strap on) and gives me power and control.   But what I REALLY love is big dick – I can’t get enough of big cock, and one of my callers knows that all too well, she just like me, because sissy missy LOVES big dick, even though  missy is totally straight,   and  she seems to have aa big dick of his own, too!

She likes to call  me up regularly for sissy training phone sex.  W/we watch pornos together on line, missy jacks off on webcam, and I stroke on my clitoris and finger my pussy.  We both have a fantasy that she and her friend   are in a room with me , all three of us are naked,  and I get down on my knees and take turns sucking on their big dicks.  Then, I go to get one of them  a glass of water, and I let them know to keep their cocks hard for me.   While I’m out of the room,  missy’s cock starts to get a little limp,   so the other sissy gets on her knees and sucks her off to keep her hard. When I come back into the room, I let missy  know how much of a faggot she looks like, how gay she looks, even though I know he’s straight – I make sure she finishes sucking that dick, and swallowing her load down his throat, while missy strokes on his own big dick and cums for me.

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