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Princess Elizabeth

If you love my lingerie even more than you love the sight of my scantily-clad body, it is time for you to explore feminization phone sex fantasy world with some cross dressing especially if you fashion yourself a sissy slut. These sexy, pretty, naughty pieces of ultra feminine lacy, silky unmentionables would […]

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Sissy training

My sissy vicki is spring mode, ready to be dressed up and party with Auntie Kate, and I always enjoy buying her a new Easter Outfit.. read on..

Vicki writes….”Dearest Auntie, I hope this finds you doing well. I have an idea for a two lady call and would like to get […]

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Wanna play dress up with me and have some panty boy phone sex? I feel like dressing with you in pretty pink panties and garters with sexy white silky thigh highs. Let’s slide those sexy, soft, silky blush pink panties up over your balls and hard cock. I love the way the panties […]

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Call me up when you are in the mood for sissy husband feminization phone sex. I would love to help you dress up in some scandalous, seductive, pretty, or slutty outfits. I certainly have enough clothes of my own to compare with you, I would love to hear about all of […]

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Panty boy phone sex 1-877-368-7505

Cross dressing phone sex with my sissy Debbie. She keeps me updated on her progress in becoming feminine. She sent me a picture of herself dressed up. Oh my! I can’t believe that she is not really a girl in real life. She is mastering the art of transformation. […]

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