New Little Dick loser tonight!

Princess Elizabeth

Princess Elizabeth had a little dick loser tonight, I will refer to him as *F* – he asked for humiliation, when I asked him if he had a little dick, guess what he said? YES

Is that a no brainer? I made him go get a ruler, and measure, it was 5 […]

Fucked loser jeffie over with his little dick

Last night I fucked over my little dick loser jeffie. He is a bigger loser because he does not even have a little dick, but now, since I brainwashed him, he thinks he does! He is just a stupid little dick loser, that I have brainwashed and mindfucked.

For example, I tell him he can’t […]

Mind fucked a new pathetic loser today!

Princess Elizabeth has a new loser and she is teaching him how to think properly and to tribute me properly, he is begging me to make him my stupid sucker pig. Begging her for stupidity, to make him my stupid loser, and brainwash him. He is going to worship me, and he will obey me. […]

Springtime for little dick loser’s


It’s SPRINGTIME Losers! Spring is the theme for this little blog-tease, think your little loser brain can follow along? It’s ok if you want to stroke your dumbstick while you read this and look at my pictures. Just remember You Are NOT Allowed To Cum Without My PERMISSION! Let’s simplify things even more, ok […]

Jeffie the Loser is mind fucked by this Perfect Princess!

What can I say. I have been mindfucking Jeffie for E V E R~

I love to fuck with him. I have him hit his dumbstick. He repeats many of my very clever sayings on command. AS I control and own him! He knows that I use him, for my own pleasure he has no […]

Jeffie the Loser

I am going to fuck Jeffie the Loser over this weekend. He is going to be sucked dry, I will ruin him! He is going to beg this perfect Princess for M O R E~ Here this loser, You will beg for M O RE

hahaha, Laughing all the way to the Pink Princess Bank! […]

New Loser for the Princess **Loser Loves ME**

Hi Losers, this is Princess Elizabeth!I had a weak little loser today, that I brainwashed, when he said he wanted me to use him, I Love weak little wimp’s that want me to use them. They are these useless little dick stroker’s that are always just 3 strokes away from cumming! Lol! So I made […]

By the way.. another loser…

Hahaha…. Little F** has a 5 incher.. had him measure it for me.. hard..its 5small its tiny only half of that.. forgot to mention this little dick loser that makes me laugh so hard! LOSER!