New Little Dick loser tonight!

Princess Elizabeth

Princess Elizabeth had a little dick loser tonight, I will refer to him as *F* – he asked for humiliation, when I asked him if he had a little dick, guess what he said? YES

Is that a no brainer? I made him go get a ruler, and measure, it was 5 […]

My Number One Loser! JEFFIE Call Princess Elizabeth for your humiliation phone sex


Princess Elizabeth loves to humiliate and torment Jeffie her little dick loser! I like to make him do very humiliating things. He loves Humiliation phone sex with his perfect Princess, ME,

This is what my Number # 1 loser has to say….Thank You for owning me Princess! you were right, you are […]

I Own Loser Jeffie!

Blueballs for you!

The Princess owns your loser ass Jeffie!! You are not to cum, I will make your blue balls bluer! There is no cumming for you. I own your useless balls, no cumming, I have all your power, if you want to cum, then pay the cum tax, otherwise, I OWN YOUR […]

Springtime for little dick loser’s


It’s SPRINGTIME Losers! Spring is the theme for this little blog-tease, think your little loser brain can follow along? It’s ok if you want to stroke your dumbstick while you read this and look at my pictures. Just remember You Are NOT Allowed To Cum Without My PERMISSION! Let’s simplify things even more, ok […]