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Sissy phone sex

Call me up when you are in the mood for sissy husband feminization phone sex. I would love to help you dress up in some scandalous, seductive, pretty, or slutty outfits. I certainly have enough clothes of my own to compare with you, I would love to hear about all of the naughty lingerie, and the pretty dresses you own yourself. Let me help you decide what to wear, dress up for me. Let’s shave your body all nice and smooth, so when you slide on those silky nylons and panties, they glide extremely easily over your skin. We can pamper your skin with lotions and treatments, and get you looking your best from head to toe.

I especially love sissy phone sex when I speak with sissies who love to dress up in slutty outfits. The more revealing the better is my motto. Let’s do your nails, your makeup, your hair, get you really decked out and looking like a completely transformed, feminized sissy. Hopefully we can get you to look passable. One way or another, we can. With the aid of some breast forms and wigs, we can have you strutting your stuff confidently. And of course, we can bring my strap on into the picture, or we can call up another phone sex Mistress as well, and the two of us can take turns using our strap ons on you, now that you look so damn hot, we won’t be able to resist!

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Sissy cross dressing training phone sex | Debbie | Ms. Jennifer 1-877-368-7505

Panty boy phone sex 1-877-368-7505

Panty boy phone sex 1-877-368-7505

Whether it is sissy cross dressing phone sex training or feminization, I am the phone sex Mistress for you!  I have been having a great time helping Debbie find the feminine side.  She is fabulous, and I love the updates she sends me, she is also getting help learning about being a girl from her boyfriend’s, sister.  She was hesitant at first at having his sister help him decide about clothing and makeup, so with my coaxing and her eventually going over to Debbie’s house, Debbie is now quite a creation.  She has sent me photos, and WOW, she looks incredible.

She called me today and told me her vagina panties arrived and will be wearing them tonight. These panties have a vaginal in the crotch.  Debbie said there is a hole in the vagina making her able to even sit and pee in her vagina panties.  I guessed that they were flesh colored, and I had suggested breast forms, which she did purchase.  So with her breast forms and pussy vagina panties she is now a real girl.   She told me that it gives the illusion if you wear jeans to look like a pussy.  Does this mean you have a camel toe?  Debbie is going to wear her new panties  tonight.  She has a date with her boyfriend and he is going to bring over his van.  She will wear a cocktail dress,  Debbie said it is for easy access, meaning he can have access to her ass. We talked about when she gives him a blow job, if she wants to get her ass fucked, then she needs to be sure, he does not cum in her mouth. Then when he finishes, she told me he will suck her cock.  She is so lucky to have a great boyfriend.  She will try her vaginal pussy tonight  for the first time.

We also had a pretty interesting discussion about lingerie and pantyhose.  She told me she gets hot sleeping in her bra and stockings, I suggested a baby doll nightie.  Also she gets a lot of runs in her pantyhose, and her bf’s sister told her to save the panty hose, cut off the side with run, and then wear two pairs.  I never heard about this tip.  It’s a good one!

I will keep you posted on Debbie’s date and her new vaginal pussy!
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Sissy panty boy phone sex, let’s talk about my drawer full of panties


I know what you’re thinking, “Adriana, you might turn me into a sissy panty boy”  and you would be right, because I love panties.  I am happy to have the chance to tell you that I wanted to talk about something that I really like. Do you want to know what else I like to do? I like to have you go and put on some sexy panties while we do a panty boy phone sex call.  I love being able to wear panties, sexy and satiny are the best. Being a pantie tease is about the sexiest thing ever for me because I have about 50 pairs of sexy panties that I always have a problem choosing which pair to wear because they all make me feel so “tingly” inside. I love thong panties and little cheeky butt panties, they make me feel so feminine and a think that is something you might want to experience too.

So yea, I have a lot of fun when I wear my thong and it makes my butt look so frigging round and hot and I’m with a guy getting sexy and dirty while I pop it in his face, it drives them wild. I notice a lot of you like panty boy phone sex too, huh?  Some of you guys might even be considered cross dressers, and like to wear them yourselves I hear? WOW, that is just too hot. But hey whatever blows your horn, pervies.


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Sissy panty boy phone sex

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jeffietheloser: Go get your panties loser it is time for some sissy panty phone domination. If you are not sure whether you are a sissy, a panty-boy, or just a phone sex jerk-off loser, it’s OK, just call me, I will figure out what to call you. Some sissies call me in their panties and some need to be forced a little bit. Some are ready to suck cock for me and some need to start out slow, like with my big black strap-on. And some of my callers are straight vanilla type guys who are only hot for mean women, but who need to be put in panties to be humiliated. I get all kinds of calls. You are not alone. Many guys wear panties and many more want to but are too scared. You are one of the lucky ones because you have found a hot dominant woman who is experienced at sissification, humiliation and good
jeffietheloser: old emasculation.
jeffietheloser: When you call me for sissy panty hone domination you don’t have to pretend to be a real man anymore. I will strip away every last trace of “real man” that you may be hiding behind.  You will get too excited and dribble pre-cum into your panties, and you will need my humiliating guidance and control. That is what I am here for sissy panty boy!
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Sissy panty boys for feminization panty boy phone sex

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I do like sissy boys who call me for panty boy phone sex is what I like to talk about.  Panty boys can come to serve me in their pink panties,  visit my website to get a feel for what I am all about.  Sissy’s and panty boys gravitate to me, because I am fascinated and turned on by boys in panties.  I like to know about all your panties, and how many you own, and how you might have acquired them.  I do intelligent phone sex, I have a soft and sensual voice, I am in no hurry to have you cum.  Some panty boys never get to cum. I like the art of orgasm denial.  Teasing and denial is a close second, but one thing all the things I do have in common,  you are to be in panties. If you are not in panties,  I can also handle you. Perhaps I will ruin your orgasm,  make you beg to cum, or just be a slut for me on the phone. Ms Ronnie for intelligent phone sex with panty boys, stroker boys, guys wanting a ruined orgasm, orgasm denial, did I mention I do domination phone sex. 1-866-438-2345

Tiny cock phone sex

"tiny cock phone sex", "sissy phone sex"Wanna know what I absolutely love?
Laughing at loser’s tiny dicks! When I see a loser’s dick it is always small!
And it is always hard for me, and since it is always hard, there is no hiding how pathetically small it is! It is just so funny!
It is all straining hard, trying to be as big as it can be, tee hee hee
and yet it just doesn’t measure up. It doesn’t add up to anything that I would ever play with or pleasure,
but I may still toy with it!
I might still tease it
and manipulate it!
I may still be amused by it, as I laugh at it, and make fun of it!
Chances are I will zoom in on your lil weakness and just exploit the hell out of you!
When a guy has a baby dick I go straight for his wallet.
He knows that is the only way to please me.
It is the perfect scenario for a tiny dick loser and a hot perfect Princess like me!
Call me loser, so I can laugh at your pathetic lil dick!
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Sissy panty boy likes to role play during a femdom phone sex call

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I took care of a new naughty stroker during a sissy panty boy phone sex call.  Sometimes sissies like  feminization role play phone sex, this time it was a sissy sneaking into my lingerie drawer.   In this role play fantasy I walked in on him and caught him wearing my panties. Not only was he wearing my panties, but he also had porn on, gay faggot porn, at that. I told him that I knew someone had been going through my panty drawer, and I had the feeling it was him.  I laughed and looked at how ridiculous he looked and commented that those panties were a bit large on him, and that I should  have to buy him some panties of his own.  At all this, he began masturbating, stroking his tiny cock, or  clitty, and he was also grinding on the bed. I asked him what was going on with his ass, and he told me he had found a buttplug and had inserted it in him. I rolled him over so I could see it. He was using one of  my buttplugs from my toy drawer.  This really annoyed me, and I decided that he had to be punished.  At which, I grabbed an even larger buttplug, spreading his ass cheeks,  I inserted the much larger butt plug into his pussy.  He struggled and begged me not to do this, he said that he  didn’t think he could handle it, but I continued, ignoring his pleas. Eventually I allowed him to stroke his clitty for me.  However, I am not going to tell you what happened next, for that you need to set up a call with me. Ms. Ronnie for sissy panty boy phone sex at:  1-866-438-2345

Femdom sissy phone fantasies – dress up for MacKenzie

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When  you are looking for an experienced phone girl who specializes in sissy fem dom phone sex sessions;  then you have happened onto the right place because, I happen to have a lot of sissy stories to share with a sissy wannabe  like you.   Feminization  phone sex just happens to be one of my specialties because I have had the fun opportunity to have many sissy panty boy sluts to play with on the phone.   I currently have several real sissy’s who serve me.  I like to make them buy panties, lipsticks, and even go out dressed like a sissy gurl.

Especially if in addition to loving to dress up for me, you also enjoymy  humiliation of you.   After all, phone humiliation is a key figure in transforming you into my panty boy.  I know you like to be teased by a beautiful girl.  I know you might only want to be transformed, so look no further.  You will serve ME.  You will lick my pussy, and ass, and I may call you names, or give you a name.  There is pure humiliation of wearing my panties, or going to the store and buying panties, or perhaps me applying makeup to you.  You might convince me to watch you on webcam.  Some sissy’s have little clits, others have big ones.

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Cross dressing sissy slut phone sex with Ms. Ronnie

"sissy play time" "femdom" "feminization" Look at how sad my little cuckold phone sex, sissy loser gets when he knows I’m going to get fucked by my  lovers. He always gets excited when he knows I’m ready to dress him. You know what would look hot on you? I have some skimpy lace panties with matching bra that would look just delicious on you.  We of course have to tuck your little man clit between your ass before we can put them on.  I’ll even let you pick out the color.  I’m sure I have a matching shade of lipstick to go with those panties. No wait, lip-gloss would be so much better it will make your lips pop. Plus men love red shiny, wet lips. Next we need some heels very high ones, to show off your sexy legs. I have just the perfect thigh high boots to make you look like a dirty darlene slut.

You’re going to be my slut from now on. Do you feel sexy in those silk panties? Do you feel girly? I’m going to shave those legs of yours. I like my sissy slut nice and smooth. Now come with me to the bathroom. We have to get you all dolled up. We have company coming over and I want you to look your best for my new lovers.

I have a couple of new friends coming over and they are very interested in meeting you, yes I told them all about you. So I need you to be a good little sissy and wear your for me.  Can you be a good girl and do that for me?  Wait why I am even asking you. It’s not like you have a choice. *Giggles* Oh I think that’s them knocking right now. I’ll go get the door. You stay here and put on that dress I laid out for you. Time to have some fun with my fantasy cross dressing sissy phone sex slut.

Ronnie    1-866-438-2345


Sissy panty boy, cuckold, sph training and more with sissy trainer Audrey

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Phonesex slut Audrey

Sissies be ready for me, as I adore sissy phone sex – whether it be cuckold fantasy phone sex, small penis humiliation phone sex, domination phone sex, sissy boys phone sex, I truly love it all.   Dressing you up in pretty little panties because you have a small penis , humiliating you as I have you on your knees sucking on my strap on is great, (not that all sissies have to suck a strap on) and gives me power and control.   But what I REALLY love is big dick – I can’t get enough of big cock, and one of my callers knows that all too well, she just like me, because sissy missy LOVES big dick, even though  missy is totally straight,   and  she seems to have aa big dick of his own, too!

She likes to call  me up regularly for sissy training phone sex.  W/we watch pornos together on line, missy jacks off on webcam, and I stroke on my clitoris and finger my pussy.  We both have a fantasy that she and her friend   are in a room with me , all three of us are naked,  and I get down on my knees and take turns sucking on their big dicks.  Then, I go to get one of them  a glass of water, and I let them know to keep their cocks hard for me.   While I’m out of the room,  missy’s cock starts to get a little limp,   so the other sissy gets on her knees and sucks her off to keep her hard. When I come back into the room, I let missy  know how much of a faggot she looks like, how gay she looks, even though I know he’s straight – I make sure she finishes sucking that dick, and swallowing her load down his throat, while missy strokes on his own big dick and cums for me.

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