Cum eating is fun for dress up sissy during a phone sex call

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I have noticed several of my callers whom are cuckold  husbands are also into being  sissies. I think it’s the natural progression of little dick losers, to go from small penis humiliation, to cuckolding and then onto, to sissy phone sex. maybe even some cum eating phone sex or strap on phone sex, too! Dressing sissies up in cute outfits and calling them by their female name, letting them know that they are not a real man, is one of my favorite types of calls.

Some sissies are even enjoy cum eating. I like to be the first girl that guys talk to when they try a taste of their own jizz.  I even love to role play that a group of men with big dicks are surrounding a little dick loser, fucking his face, forcing him to deep throat and worship their large cocks.  And of course, I’ll be there to make sure you are dressed up all pretty, and sucking cock like a pro even if you are just a sissy looking for my attention.

Many sissy’s are into many forms of phone humiliation, I like to talk about all of them, do not be shy, let me know what fantasy you would like to indulge in.

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Cross dressing phone sex with some feminization for complete transformation

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If you call me for a cross dressing phone sex session,  in a high-pitched girly voice and admit to me that you have a fetish for crossdressing I will be sure to have fun during our phone sex session.  I want you to  be prepared to be treated exactly as you truly are, which is an inexperienced girl.  I will have you get dressed up in all types of pretty little outfits.  I will take you shopping, buy you panties, and bras, and girlie things.  Oh, you caught me stepping out of the shower, little one?  You are admiring my boobs and wishing they were yours.  If you want rub your little clitty, maybe even stick some fingers up inside of your pussy I will teach you to do so like a real girl.

Most girls learn it growing up, but I will teach you during sissy training sessions, and I know you will enjoy that.  You will be transformed into the girl you long to be.  Dresses, and makeup, and maybe going to clubs with other girls like yourself.  Cross dressing is a lifestyle that I enjoy talking about.  You will learn all the sissy things you need to know to please me.

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Sissy phone sex with Ms. Audrey

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Sissy Trainer Audrey

John is my latest naughty  sissy slut for sissy phone sex. He is an sissy panty boy  addict of my huge strap on phone sex chat, he called me and continually begged me to let him get on his knees, dressed up for me all pretty, and suck my big rubber dick. He knew just how to please me, so that I would cave in to his strap on desires. Even this early into getting to know John, he is already becoming extremely obedient to his Mistress. He will be getting on webcam for our next sissy phone sex session, and he promised me that he would be dressing up in very sexy lingerie for me, while I send him pictures of my big strap on.

John loves femme domme phonesex with a strap on and sissy twist. He told me when he is with his wife, he loves to be on top, so he can try to get his little clitty inside of her as deep as possible, but of course, neither of them remain completely satisfied, he can’t feel the walls of her pussy, and she can’t really feel his little dick. But with me, he is my bottom, he knows that he is my submissive sissy slut. I commanded him to beg for my cock, to show me how much he wanted my big rubber dick with his mouth and his cocksucking skills, and since he was such a good sissy slut, he did end up getting my big rubber dick jammed right up his man pussy.

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Sissy dressup at the lingerie store with Ms. Vanessa

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I do enjoy playing with a sissy gurl.  I have many sissy’s that call me, and one of my favorite sissy panty boy’s  has a favorite sissy fantasy that he likes to role play with me.  It is about me milking him, and  when I give him a thorough sissy milking.   In this particular fantasy I am the owner of a custom lingerie shop, the reason I am in this business is because I like to  incorporate my preference for sissy cock into what I do as an occupation as well.  Basically I love lingerie, and also love sissy gurls who love it as well.   I get to live my fantasy in real life  every day.    I often close the shop for personal fittings with special clients.  Imagine this could be you!     Think about you walking into my shop, and being  greeted with open arms.  You are  given the extra special attention that you so desperately crave.

If you are shy, I might have to coax you into one of the private back rooms with a full size bathtub.   There I would  I proceed to shave you from head to toe.   I want you all lovely and smooth, so W/we will shave you all over.  You will wear slinky, silky, underthings  that I will pick out for you, this will be just the beginning of a wonderful afternoon romp.

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New Little Dick loser tonight!

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Princess Elizabeth

Princess Elizabeth had a little dick loser tonight, I will refer to him as *F* – he asked for humiliation, when I asked him if he had a little dick, guess what he said? YES

Is that a no brainer? I made him go get a ruler, and measure, it was 5 inches.. but the funny part is that it is 2 inches, soft!

Princess had her girlfriends watch him masturbate, I finger fucked him and laughed at him as he licked all our butt holes.. I know he is going to call again soon, because I made him cum hard, after begging, and then lick it up!

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Cross dressing phone sex with Ms. Jennifer 1-877-368-7505

Panty boy phone sex 1-877-368-7505

Panty boy phone sex 1-877-368-7505

Cross dressing phone sex with my sissy Debbie.  She keeps me updated on her progress in becoming feminine.  She sent me a picture of herself dressed up.  Oh my!  I can’t believe that she is not really a girl in real life.  She is mastering the art of transformation.   She is learning how to use makeup. She says:  “I only put the mascara and lip liner on.  Those I knew how to do from TV.  The eye liner I probably would need a lot more time and the eye shadow…wow.  You women go through a lot to get made up.  There was also something for eyelashes which look very hard to do.. curler?”  Yes, an eyelash curler, she is moving right along, isn’t she girls?    I told Debbie to buy some things and shave her legs, this is what she replied about her bf:  “He called a little while ago.  He is going to get some of the items you suggested and he said had a surprise outfit for me.  Which led  me to ask him about this fetish and me.  He basically said I am the only guy to agree to do this more than once and to have actually shaved my legs for it. We are going to have our next dress up date on Friday.  That will allow for it to go on longer.  We won’t have to go to work.  I will have to practice and put on the eyeliner and eye shadow.  Any suggestions for a type of perfume to get?  I will get that on my own to surprise him.”  Then I received an email He brought over a dress this morning after work, which was his surprise along with a brown wig and shoes with a 4 inch heel. I thought it was going to be a French maid’s uniform.  The other pair was a lot lower.  Oh my god, how do you walk in them in such high heels?”  It’s not easy to walk in high heels, so you better practice!  That goes for all you cross dressing girls out there!

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Sissy in pink panties might be a cuckold wimp wanting humiliation phone sex

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Princess Elizabeth

Are you a sissy cuckold in pink panties wanting some humiliating phone sex?  Then call me, wimp!  I love reminding and explaining to losers why they are cuckold wimps.  I love telling you that you don’t deserve sex, not even with your girlfriend or wife because you are a small-dicked loser.  You deserve to be humiliated for being so weak and inadequate.  You don’t even deserve to cum. This will help you adjust to your new role as sissy cuckold in pink panties.  Since I do not permit sissy cuckolds to cum, it will be extra humiliating for you when you get rock hard when you watch your wife get fucked by a real man!  Even your pathetic boner can’t hide in pink panties. I will have fun humiliating you for it. Awww does loser like watching his wife get plowed by a real man, when he is not allowed to even cum?

Go ahead and rub it my sissy cuckold wimp  in pink panties. I did not say you could not stroke it, just that you are not allowed to cum! It is best when you are worked up weak and horny. Horny for what you can’t have. Awwww, poor loser! You need to call me for some sexy re-programming. Call me with your hard-on in hand and I will tell you what sexy outfits you can get me for my fuck sessions with my real man boyfriend! Don’t worry, we will order an extra pair of pink panties for you.

Princess Elizabeth for sissy phone sex:  1-877-368-7505

Sissy trainer Shannon will turn you into a girl

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sissy phone sex

As I am writing this, I am on the phone with Sissy Francisco who is wearing panties for me, pink panties to be precise, he knows that those are my favorite. Not only are they pink, but they are extremely silky too, he told me that he can’t stop himself from reaching down and stroking his little clitty over those pink panties. He is begging me to suck my strap on.  He is really begging me tonight, he wants be feminine for his Mistress so badly, he knows that I have a giant pink strap on, and he would do absolutely anything I desire just to get a taste of it.

So, I thought I would tell the world about Sissy Francisco and our phone sex together. I told him to take pictures for me, of him sucking on his big pink dildo that he bought specifically with me in mind. He told me every time that he sucks on that big pink dildo he imagines it’s my big pink rubber cock. I humiliated Sissy Francisco, told him he is not a real man, a real man wouldn’t be caught dead begging to become a sissy cocksucker! Sissy Francisco is simply a feminized sissy slut, more woman than man. Sissy Francisco even loves to wear a long blonde wig when she is sucking on that big pink dildo, he loves to look like a pretty little slut for me.

Sissies, stop reading and start dialing! Call Shannon now at  1-877-368-7505

Sissy cross dressing phone sex | Debbie | with Ms. Jennifer 1-877-368-7505

Panty boy phone sex 1-877-368-7505

Panty boy phone sex 1-877-368-7505

I enjoy sissy cross dressing phone sex, especially with Debbie.  I have been helping transform her into the perfect girl. I have been posting about her recent changes. However, I have a lot to tell you about how she started to transform to become the beautiful girl she is now.  She has started taking birth control pills, but before this advance, there were many steps leading up to this. I will go back a bit, and tell all you lucky readers, some of the issues she has faced and maybe some solutions. Be sure to check back, she has so many updates and questions about being a girl, I would not know where to begin to share all this.  I never realized how much you need to know, if you want to be a girl!

A while back she said:
Ms. Jennifer, Thank you for the advice on dressing up for the first time.  Before my bf arrived, I called him and informed him to get some lubricant and I also mentioned some lipstick.  He did.  Afterwards, I told him, if he wanted me to do so again, I would need more lingerie and clothes.  He agreed and said he would get some more.   I will call to inform you how it all went. ( I had suggested these items, and then she asked her bf)
Debbie then had a date  and here is an update:
Dear Jennifer: The date went awesome and awkward at the same time.  My bf’s sister brought over a new type of lipstick for me to use…it was the one where I basically paint my lips.  She brought over a couple different colors but she knew the dress I picked out and the shade I wore last night was a pink color.  The dress was a pink floral cocktail dress.  She informed me it was a cocktail dress.  It was all pink but with a floral lace like design from the waist up.  I had to wear pantyhose with the  dress…no garters.  The dress came to above the knee.  I felt very feminine in it.  (Double date with bf and his sister and husband) It was awkward with her husband at the start but as the night ended it was okay.  If my voice was more feminine sounding it would be easier.  We spent the night talking, listening to music, tv and playing some board games.  Some quick thinking on sister’s part saved me from meeting the parents, they were going to stop over and Kendra had to inform them to postpone it.  whew…. my bf sure loved it.  When we got back to my place, I had to quickly change from pantyhose to garters and nylons.  We also tried a new position at the on top sliding it inside me.  That position takes a lot of work from me, I still prefer being on my back with pillows propping my male pussy up.  I so enjoy watching it go inside me. I find that 3 times a night is the norm for him.  The 4th time, he experiences extreme sensitivity in his penis and we are done for a few hours. (Debbie ordered a pussy panty) she said: No the vagina/pussy panty hasn’t arrived yet. Love Debbie Good morning Jennifer, I found I have a couple gripes about dressing up which are small gripes but annoying.  One, I hate getting “runs” in nylons or pantyhose  so quick.  Second, I found wearing lingerie in bed “very warm sleeping in”.  Nylons, garter, gown, bra under the  covers gets very warm in addition to having him all over me. (I told her you paint the runs with nail polish to stop them from running)

That’s about it for now, I will update you gurls soon.
Debbie keep up the great transformation.
xoxo’s Ms. Jennifer

Sissy panty boy phone sex dress up in lingerie and high heels

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Hello sissy’s you better put your panties on and get ready to have  some fun during  sissy  panty boy phone sex session.   I am the hot girl that you have been looking for, and that you long to serve.  Of course I will  start off by dressing dress you up like the good little sissy gurl, and we both know that this is what you are, and long to be in your deepest secret fantasy.   Once you have those panties on, and wear them every day for me,  I know how hard you will be all the time,  when you walk through any  door.    Imagine that you have been wearing your suit all day and underneath it you have had on the sexiest, silkest, laciest little lavender panties.   You will do this for me, and report to me daily for your training.   This will prove that you are a good little sissy and that  you’ve been excited all day thinking about how I am going to play with you, feminize you and dress you up.

Sissy  phone sex is what you want and it’s what I am going to give you!   A good fantasy might be,  that you walk in my bedroom and  I order you to strip down to your little panties and follow me.   “Come on little sissy let’s have some fun!”   I lead you to the dressing room full of all kinds of sexy little sissy clothes just for you!   I can’t wait to put you in a yummy lavender corset trimmed in soft white lace and lacey white thigh highs!   I know you want to be a sexy little sissy so I also point to a pair of sleek, sexy 6 inch heels.  “Walk for me like a good little sissy. Let me see you priss and primp in front of the full length mirror.”   You are such a good little sissy  but I know you are more than that.   You are going to be owned and controlled by me, you will obey me, dress up for me, and you will be all the happier for it!

For Sissy panty boy phone sex call
Ms. Ronnie  1-866-438-2345