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I have been talking to my friend Debbie Lynn about her transformation if you have been following the blog I have several interesting posts about her. She has a very exciting life and I enjoy hearing about all her experiences.  She has been exploring being feminine and has a big wardrobe already.  She had a nice summer wardrobe, lots of lingerie, she loves sexy silky lingerie. I reminded her that she needs a fall wardrobe.

At first she was only testing the waters.  But now she tells me that she really wants to do the entire transformation and she is looking forward to it.  She has been taking birth control pills/hormones, and loves everything female.  She says they have affected her and she can feel the difference already. She had many hurdles to overcome. Meeting both her boyfriend’s family and then eventually telling her family about her new interest in being a woman.  Her mother loves that she wants to be a girl, and has been super supportive of everything. Her mom buys her lots of things. Makeup, she has given her clothes, lately she has sent her things from JC Penny’s. Recently her boyfriend bought her some petticoats.  He is very hot for her. They have an enviable sex life.  She is a lucky girl. She has her boyfriend’s sister as a confidant and his sister has been helping her become womanly, with makeup instructions, and helping her shop, and tips and such.

Debbie Lynn has gone to a wedding in full female attire, this was during the summer, I felt bad for her, she was dressed in very hot material and suffered, she has had to learn about the difficulty in high heels, and being prepared for all sorts of things, that men do not know that women do. It is fun to hear her tell me about things, that I take for granted. However she learns quickly and loves it and embraces it.

This is something Debbie Lynn wrote about her hormones ” I have noticed the birth control pills are starting to effect me more.  My nipples are getting very sensitive.  My clit seems to be shrinking and getting very tougher to get an erection.  I am not complaining, it is happening and for the better.” and her is what she said about some clothes her Mom was getting her.”I did get the clothes from JC Penney on Thursday.  It was waiting for me.  My mom did say she found some clothes for me at the thrift stores.”

Debbie Lynn is also looking forward to Halloween, Here is what she told me, “I have 2 choices for a Halloween costume.  The first is a ballerina costume in pink with tights, leotard, tutu and slippers.  The second (and I know  I would not choose it) was a dominatrix costume in black.  So I am going as a pretty ballerina. Also thinking about ordering some specialty high heel shoe which I would be standing ton my toes.”

I keep telling her, she has nicer things then I do!  About her petticoats, (I am trying to update you all on all the interesting things Debbie Lynn has told me. Her boyfriend bought her two petticoats one pink and one white.  She wore the pink and her bf went crazy for her in it, and he had to do me in it.  One thing she told me that he does which is nice, is that he he lubes himself up and her too. She wonders why he likes putting a tampon in her after, and he she did find out why he likes doing the tampon insertion.  He told her the other night.  He enjoys the thought of keeping the cum inside Debbie Lynn as long as possible.  Debbie Lynn told me that she enjoys playing dress up when no one is around. She likes to try on the dresses, and skirts because she finds, that she enjoys the feeling of the pulling up and down of the zipper on the dresses as she tries them on. She says, “since men have nothing comparable, it is truly a nice sensation.”

She has really turned into a girl!
I am excited to hear about her next adventure.  She has gone away with her boyfriend for weekends, she has spent time with both her and his family as a girl, I am telling you, you all should take lessons from Debbie Lynn!

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