Loser Jeffie .. leaves me lots of great feedback, because I AM SUPERIOR.. here are a few,
lucky you gets to read this…

“Brain-washing is real, brain-washing really works! I know because Princess has programmed me so that I get turned on when she is selfish and greedy! She is ruining me and I PAY her to fuck me up, and FUCK me Over!”

“When Princess gets me horny and weak it is so easy for her to USE me and RUIN me. And all she has to do to get me horny and weak is to tell me how she is going to Use me and Ruin me. “

“I am a loser with a tiny dick that gets super HARD for this super Hot Princess who makes things HARD for me! I guess this is why I deserve to be USED by her, and you do too! Call her!”

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